Where’s the Love?

All these friends leaving for college has re-awakened that old argument: College is a chance to get away from your parents.

I think it’s been… four years? since that argument was first presented directly to me; that is, that I was engaged in an argument and arguing against it, not just hearing of it as “oh those kids over there think so-and-so.”

So four years later, I still disagree. But I digress; that’s not really what I’m wanting to blog about.

What I want to do here, actually, is throw out a question.

Now, we understand that it is [generally speaking, of course] necessary for a child to leave their parents’ home so that they can continue to grow and mature as an independent individual, you need to be able to support yourself and do your own laundry and manage your own money and worry about your own food and make your own life choices all that nice stuff that comes with growing up, etc. etc. On some level it is necessary for a child to want to leave home at some point for their own good, and it is also necessary for a parent to want to let go for the child’s own good, yes? but that aside; this question I’m about to throw is not supposing that we are at the normal, necessary level of desire to leave/let go. So here goes:

I am wondering, Who should I pity more? The child who cannot stand to be in the same house as their parents and is just rearing their head to get out, or the parents who cannot stand to be in the same house as their child and cannot wait for them to grow up and get out?

While the former is a situation that I have honestly assumed to be rather common and usually merely deriving from normal teen angst which will pass in time, it was brought to my attention that the latter situation actually exists; a situation which I… cannot fathom. Nor do I have any real desire to, but… goodness. Where is the love these days?


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