Yeah, yeah, I know. Aisa’s not in the habit of giving fashion advice. Go to Clare and Dev and Courtney for that. But hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

Ever since I went shopping with Daddy, I’ve been very conscious of my color choices. It never occurred to me before, but now, when I pull darker blouses off the rack, the usual blues and grays and blacks that I, for some reason or another, am very attracted to, something goes off in the back of my head; “Too dark… Daddy wouldn’t like it.” Which usually results in Aisa putting it back.

So, all you lovely ladies with Daddies who only want the best for you, my fashion advice to you is this, three words: Ask Your Dad.

It’ll probably sharpen your I-can-walk-into-a-store-without-buying-anything-that-I-don’t-actually-need skills, into the bargain. Haha.

I took Yena shopping yesterday, and I’m proud to say that only one out of five of the skirts that I got might have been pushing it color-wise with Daddy =) Take a guess? The black is a skort — which brings the number of much-needed decent skorts in Aisa’s closet up to… two… — and doesn’t count.



this one's my fav :)
this one's my fav :)

*smile* Aisa is all set skirt-wise for the early fall term. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)



  1. Aisa, you look so pretty!! I give up trying to pick a favorite skirt though =P I definitely love the white/blue one. like. I DIG. hahaha but the one that’s your favorite is definitely lovelovelove!

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