Nino at Seven Months

He’s really crawling now, rarely army-crawling. He seems to want to stand; when he brings his left knee forward, he puts his foot on the ground like he’s going to stand, before bringing it down and following with his right knee. He’s realllyyyy fast xD Hehe ang yabang, he pulls himself up into a standing position using pretty much anything — the couch, legs of tables and chairs and people…

Nino seems to have a name for Mommy, now. It’s either “me-me,” “hu-we-me,” or “he-me” (short e’s). He’s beginning to prefer Mum when he’s tired; he’s no longer content to simply be picked up or danced around by just anyone when he’s sleepy, he specifically wants me-me :)

Consistently laughs now when tickled beneath both armpits. Not so consistent, but seems to be developing tickles on his back and tummy and soles of his feet. Completely unresponsive to neck tickles, though. Hahahaha.

Foodwise, he’ll eat anything and everything, I can’t think of anything he’s consistently refused. He eats bananas a lot. I think he had avocado. Today he had chicken noodle soup. He wants whatever we’re eating, so he’s been getting toast from us at breakfast these past few days. He’ll have kanin and sabaw… ice cream.. sorbet… yep, pretty much anything. Standard question of the Kuyas/Ates: “Does this have honey?” He doesn’t have any trouble swallowing solids, now. He gets confused with water, though. Daddy gives him a drink of water, and besides letting most of it splosh down his front, we think he’s confused about it being tasteless… lol. OH! Mum and Dad let him lick the salt-and-vinegar potato chips. He made a face xD but he seemed to want more! silly boy.

He’ll pick up anything, and we have to be reallyyyy careful, ’cause he’s so fast now. He seems to have an obsession with tags. He’ll find the tags on toys, blankets, pillows, bags… stuffed toys that he won’t look at twice the first time you show them to him, just show him where the tag is, and he’s interested. Hahaha. Nangaagaw. He gets mad if you take something away from him. He isn’t sucking his thumb so much. He seems to have lost interest in the light switch… he now prefers the springs behind the doors? yeah. Haha. He licks himself in the mirror.

He scratches his head a lot.

We thought he’d reached the nangingilala stage, but he seems to have gotten quite used to the CFC. Just this past Saturday, sumama s’ya kay Ate Candice, Kuya Vin, Gabe, Matt, Tita Fides, Jon, Mariel, Tita Karri… pretty much everyone. I think he only complains about it when he’s tired. Haha I should compile all the pics of him with other people…


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  1. “sumama s’ya kay Ate Candice, Kuya Vin, Gabe, Matt, Tita Fides, Jon, Mariel, Tita Karri… pretty much everyone.”

    and kimberly XD oh you know nino likes me. hahaha

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