What are the chances they’ve read Anne of Ingleside?

The description ran thus:

Submit with this application, on a separate paper, an essay of 250-500 words, which explains why you want to be admitted to the Honors Experience. Include in your statement information about yourself, your educational plans, and your career plans.

So I was thankfully able to cut it down to 495 words from the original 681 (WOOHOOOO! that’s a major accomplishment for me, mind you). The point is… my last two sentences read:

As for my career plans post-college, I do intend to use my college education to the best of my ability, but not as a career woman. In truth, I have no higher ambitions in life than to write living epistles, raising Saints for God.

Now, would anyone happen to have an insight as to how familiar admissions officers tend to be with Lucy Maud Montgomery?

Just wondering.


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