Reading: Ex 3:1-6, 9-12

Responsorial Psalm:Ps 103:1b-2, 3-4, 6-7

Gospel: Mt 11:25-27

Homily: Memorial of St. Bonaventure, bishop and doctor of the Church. Fr. Tom gave a brief summary of his life, and pointed out that St. Bonaventure was a very learned man who excelled in the seminary, and that his knowledge did not detract from his faith, but added to it. He reminded us that we have an obligation to further our knowledge for the glory of God, and that contrary to popular opinion, knowledge of scientific truths should help us in our faith, not hinder us.

~ notes ~

If today you throw out the word “faith” in a religious context, most people think that means “something I believe in blindly and irrationally.” What an insult to Man’s intelligence.

Faith and intelligence are inextricably linked. Sadly, it’s a concept lost on most of the present generation. Or have I just not met the right people?

Faith [in a religious context] is – or it should be – belief in something entirely logical, and yet something that one cannot fully comprehend.

No, the world hasn’t gotten smarter – quite the contrary: Something in the news last year about some intelligent someone-or-another (I believe it was a politician) using the word ‘niggard’ in some speech at some event and people thought he was being racist and got offended; some article on how someone wanted to discuss the good that Communism is capable of bringing about [the wrong, way, of course], but everyone present took offense before they had begun; the media ridiculing the Pope for stating that there was no room for lust in marriage — did they even stop think for just one second about what that means, or did they simply dismiss him because he’s the Pope? isn’t love without lust what every human being longs for at their core? does anyone want to be lusted after?? really; the denial of human rights to the unborn; the denial of the authority of the Church while affirming the authenticity of the Bible; the man who calls himself a Christian while denying the Incarnation – these and a million others; seriously, who wants to think these days?

Simply put, people are quite comfortable with insulting their own intelligence and amazing ability to reason — which is why you hear people saying things to the effect that, while something is perfectly logical, it is an entirely different matter in practice.



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