Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes…

I woke up today to a tap on my foot and a goodbye hug from Unc. After which, I pulled the covers over my head, collected my thoughts, and the moment I think I could call myself fully awake, I hear the door slam and the goodbyes yelled.

And thus, my first conscious thought upon waking up was, “What a crappy 4th of July weekend.”

Split-second later, a flashback.

Jon at the Almario’s piano and Candisse at the seat of the keyboard, singing, “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights…

Weekend of December 6, when Manny reconfigured de la Hoya’s beautiful face. Was that weekend really a happier one, or was it just easier to choose to be happy? or, was it really easier to choose to be happy, or did I just not make good choices this weekend? ‘Cause happiness is a choice, right?

And then I thought of AJ Jacobs.

And I realized… yeah. Yes. Exactly. How many things go right in a day? How many things went right this weekend that I did not thank Him for?

How do you measure life? I’ve taken to saying that I don’t live my life by birthdays or New Years. What, then? How long is a moment? Certainly not as long as a minute. Anyone sitting and watching the second hand tick-tick-tick can tell you that the moment is the split second it takes to conjure up a smile and flash its rainbow across the room. How many moments in a year? How many moments in a life? And how many of those moments go right? At households, we always say that we thank God for all those blessings that we may have overlooked; but how many of them are overlooked deliberately?

So I felt that I owed Him this post after all the moments that I silently complained to myself about the weather, the schedule, the technical difficulties, etc. this weekend. We had a four-day weekend in St. Louis and the sunshine welcomed us home. I will be ashamed if I can’t find 100 things to thank the Lord for.

Heavenly Father, Thank You…

  1. … for every moment of the eight hours it took to get us to St. Louis in which Dad/Mom’s hands were kept steady at the wheel.
  2. … for keeping the hands and feet and minds of the drivers around us steady as well.
  3. … for Mama and Papa.
  4. … for keeping them healthy, for every moment that their bodies continue to function normally and well.
  5. … for allowing them to remain on this earth as long as they have, and enabling them to enjoy their fifth grandchild at six months at the same time that their first is eighteen years.
  6. … for protecting us in those few tense moments in which Ninong was tuning that E string and worrying that it would snap and hurt someone.
  7. … for DISTORTION.
  8. … that Nino does not hold grudges against those who must strap him into the carseat no matter how hard he struggles and cries.
  9. … for Mama and Papa’s wonderful cooking, especially…
  10. … sinangag and catfish nuggets :)
  11. … for Papa’s arroz caldo.
  12. … for bananas.
  13. … that Nino ate a lot and kept Mama happy.
  14. … that Mama enjoyed feeding Nino and kept him happy.
  15. … na hindi nangilala masyado si Nins :)
  16. … for keeping Uncle safe on his flight to St. Louis.
  17. … for the time we got to spend with Ninang Joy.
  18. … for Bubble Tea :)
  19. … for Anna.
  20. … for the amusement of watching Nino talk to Anna.
  21. … for Rico.
  22. … for Alfie.
  23. … for Anna/Rico/Alfie’s hugs.
  24. … for Parokya.
  25. … for Eraserheads.
  26. … for Rivermaya.
  27. … for Motion City Soundtrack.
  28. … for General Public .
  29. … for keeping us safe while driving in the heavy rain.
  30. … for the time I got to spend with Daddy and Ninong and Unc at the theater, and…
  31. … for their sense of humor that enabled us to walk out of the theater laughing rather than grumbling at technical difficulties.
  32. … for what they teach me about having a positive outlook on life.
  33. … for having cousins like Abong who care about spending time with family from far away.
  34. … for the time we got to spend with Tito Allan when he was home from work.
  35. … for enabling Tito Nato to join us for lunch yesterday.
  36. … also for Tita Emily.
  37. … for 20,000 acre farms and the snakes that come with it.
  38. … for the jamm sessions.
  39. … for my guitar that I believe on some level brought me closer to my favorite uncles.
  40. … for the gift of music and the love for it that Mom and Ninong and Uncle share.
  41. … for the privilege of hearing Mommy and Daddy sing All About Soul together.
  42. … for the privilege of hearing Daddy sing along with You’ll Be In My Heart, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, and Allentown, among others.
  43. … for Coldplay.
  44. … for the ability You gave me to make cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the family to enjoy.
  45. … for the laugh we got out of just the simple fact that there were six computers in the house this weekend.
  46. … for the amazing thing that is the internet that allows us to video chat with people far away.
  47. … for my parents/grandparents being so incredibly high-tech :) that Mama can video chat with us.
  48. … for the time I got to spend catching up with Todd.
  49. … for the time I got to spend catching up with Gloria.
  50. … for keeping Papa safe from the can that might have cut his arm if he hadn’t hit it on accident and made it fall to the ground instead.
  51. … for keeping me safe while waking up and down the steps with Nino.
  52. … for guarding and protecting all of us when we have our turn with the baby boy.
  53. … that no one has dropped Nino.
  54. … that no one has tripped or slid while carrying Nino.
  55. … for the opportunity to pray the Rosary as a family.
  56. … for the beautiful thing that is sleep.
  57. … for the rain and its ability to make people sleepy.
  58. … for the 4real board and all the mothers on it. For their wisdom.
  59. … for Pinoy jokes.
  60. … for cell phones.
  61. … for YouTube.
  62. … for Voyager on YouTube.
  63. … for Jane Austen movies on YouTube.
  64. … for moymoypalaboy that only Pinoys can truly appreciate.
  65. … for Ken Lee.
  66. … for geniuses like Sungha Jung and JerryC.
  67. … for Chewable Pampers.
  68. … for Soulja Boy.
  69. … for home videos.
  70. … for cameras.
  71. … for the ability to recall an emotion along with the moment in which it was felt.
  72. … for the 47 photos that captured 47 moments of nonsense with Ninong :)
  73. … for Kuya Jom.
  74. … for Ate Annrhee.
  75. … for Mama’s piano, no matter how out-of-tune it may be now.
  76. … for Ninong’s obsession with punking everything out xD
  77. … for GREEN DAY!!!!!!
  78. … for Mother’s toleration/appreciation of Basketcase when Ninong and Uncle jamm it.
  79. … for the Muppets!!!
  80. … for Taylor Swift.
  81. … for the Rubber Ducky Theme Song.
  82. … for Hillsong United.
  83. … that Mother wanted me to learn Lift My Eyes and so took the time to sit down with me and google the tab and transpose it.
  84. … for the thought-provoking homily at Mass yesterday.
  85. … for Ninong’s electric guitar, and..
  86. … for the ears and fingers You gave me by which I was able to learn the pre-bridge lead for Hosanna and play it with Ninong on rhythms.
  87. … for my new sandals.
  88. … for the umbrella that’s “from the Almarios.”
  89. … for Uncle’s tolerance of Aisa’s delving into the intricacies of Spock-as-a-Padawan scenarios :)
  90. … for Mama’s high-speed wireless internet.
  91. … that Nino successfully pushed himself up into a sitting position all by himself.
  92. … for the privilige of watching Mama/Papa/Ninong/Uncle play with Nino.
  93. … that I can sit on Daddy’s lap without squishing him to death.
  94. … that Daddy still lets me sit on his lap despite how close I am to squishing him to death.
  95. … for the lovely lightning.
  96. … for the sunshine that welcomed us home to Cinci.
  97. … for the 40 minutes I got to spend on the phone with Ninong.
  98. … for blog archives.
  99. … for
  100. … for keeping me safe while driving to and from Mass and on the last leg home.

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