Update on the Nino-boy :D

:) Woohoooo time flies. Nino will be five months old on Saturday…

He rolled over from his back to his stomach today :D and since he figured it out a few hours before lunch, he’s been doing it a lot… he took a nap while Mother was cooking, and when he woke up, the first thing he did was roll onto his stomach. After lunch, Mother was changing his shirt, and he was complaining… once she’d got his shirt off, he rolled over before she could put on his new one… and he was trying to roll over while she was changing his diapee xD she had to hold him down.

He’s so good at communicating with us. He twists when he wants to be held facing out. It’s so interesting watching his mood swings. He went through a phase where he started crying the minute we put him on his stomach, because he didn’t want to work :D but recently, there have been times when he doesn’t mind so much. It’s so cool.. He’ll cry when he wants to be picked up. Sometimes he’s content just being held while sitting down, but sometimes he wants you to stand up and walk around, so he’ll keep crying. It’s so funny when he suddenly laughs at something that he didn’t react to before, and then when you try it a few hours or a few days later, he doesn’t laugh anymore… lol.

He’s developing tickles :D but those seem to be according to his mood, also, which is hilarious. The tickle spots are consistent, but the immediate reaction isn’t, yet.

His first other-than-Mommy-milk food was actually a popsicle sometime last month. That only happened once. His second was gelato! Nino’s a gelato addict, seriously. When we’re having gelatos, he stares at us and will eventually start crying if we don’t give him any. Mother will give him just enough to taste, but if you don’t give him another taste soon enough, he will start complaining again. :D Videos to be uploaded to YouTube when we get home. When we sit down to eat meals, he will start complaining eventually if there doesn’t seem to be anything for him. Before we started giving him table food, it was so interesting him begin to notice that we were eating. It was amazing watching him form the concept that there was food *other* than Mommy-milk. Eventually he started making this face that clearly said, “Ates and Kuyas and Mommy and Daddy are putting things in their mouthes, why don’t I get any?” And then the crying started at some point. So Mother started him on baby rice. He’s only recently begun to get the swallowing concept down, for a while there he was still shoving it back out of his mouth with his tongue. He’s picky about his food! Not in a push-away if he doesn’t like it way, but first came rice, and then Mother tried potatoes and he seemed really excited about that, but then she put munggo in with his rice once and he made a face. Hilarious. He didn’t eat as much that day. Yesterday she started him on carrots, and he finished the bottle today.

For a while Nino would watch whatever our hands were occupied with, like the camera and pens and paper and the computer and stuff. Recently, he’s begun to reach for them. He wants to touch pretty much anything we pick up and hold in front of him.

Mum says Nino’s the only one of the five of us that really has this thing for thumb-sucking. Actually, it’s not really thumb-sucking… more like hand-and-anything-he-can-get-his-hands-on sucking xD It’s hilarious enough when he stuffs three fingers in his mouth… but then when he tries to put three fingers from each hand! Haha. Furthermore, he gets mad if you take his hand out of his mouth!

He sucks on the knobs of the Skwish, and it’s funny watching him turn the Skwish around, as if a different colored knob would taste any better… He sucks on the ring toy and Max… On the toy that supposedly goes on a crib wall (we don’t believe in cribs, mind, so we just put it standing up on the bed), he has a particular square that he likes because of the little… mushroom? I think? sticking out; he understands that if he opens and closes his hand to crumple/uncrumple it up, it will make noise.

There is a mirror that hangs in the hallway, next to which is a lightswitch. We bring him to play in front of the mirror. This is also a mood thing… sometimes he laughs at himself, sometimes he cries. Today, he wanted to kiss himself or something… he grabbed the mirror and pulled it towards him. He put his mouth to it, and then pulled back and had this confused look on his face… yeah, Nino, mirrors really mess up your concept of depth perception xD Sometimes he’ll snub the mirror and will prefer to play with the lightswitch. He gets really excited about the lightswitch! He understands that if he reaches for it and hits it a certain way, the light in the laundry room will go on and off. Poor boy; he gets so frustrated sometimes when he’s reaching for it and clawing at it and he can’t hit it just right!

Ah, kisses. I believe he has some concept of a kiss, because he’ll put his mouth to someone’s face like he’s going to eat them, his mouth’s wide open, but he only hits his mouth to your face, he doesn’t try to suck on you or anything, which makes me think he gets that it’s a kiss as opposed to one more thing to suck on. He’ll grab at my/Mother’s hair and pull us towards him and hit us with his mouth.

Hair! He pulls our hair. When we bend over him with our hair hanging down, he likes to reach for it. And bring it straight to his mouth, of course… lol

He hugs! kind of. When he’s in the mood, he’ll take the intiative and put his arms around your neck… sort of… it’s usually more one arm then the other… and then he’ll put his head on your neck instead of looking around and stuff. He doesn’t link his hands around my neck, but he does reach one hand up into my hair, and then he either grips on there or he scratches my head.

He scratches his head when he gets frustrated, and he scratches this one spot next to his right ear. He rubs his eyes.

He likes it when people sing. He sings along!

Mother says Nino’s like me… he turns in circles and crawls backwards. Haha. But he does also crawl forward if he feels like putting in the effort. I made him go eight inches before picking him up once (’cause he usually only gets anywhere if he’s mad, haha).

Nino seems to be aggressive sometimes… which, of course, thrills Ate Ais xD When he’s excited to see someone, he pumps his arms up and down like he’s ready to hit something, and if you’re close enough, he’ll smack you. I was holding him once and Mother came toward him and right when she was about four inches away, he launched himself forward and head-butted her. Haha. He reaches for people sometimes, when he sees that they’re coming to get him. When he’s lying on the bed and wants to be picked up, he starts arching his back as if he knows you’ll slip your hand under to support him.

:D Can’t wait for the Titas to see him.


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