soundtrack of my life 2.28.09

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

My Sound Track:

Opening credits: The Ordertaker — Parokya ni Edgar
MUAHAHA. Perfection.

Waking up: Now or Never — Josh Groban

How I’m feeling today: Faking My Own Suicide — Relient K
… well that’s great, isn’t it?

First day of school: From Loving You — Mandy Moore

The weekend: If We Are The Body — Casting Crowns
i assume that means service. good.

Will I get far in life: I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever — Sonicflood
oh i believe so.

Will I get married: One Day — Aaron Shust
that doesn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know…

Will I have a happy life: Photograph — Nickelback
… no.

How does the world see me: The Angels’ Share — Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
say what?

How do my friends see me: I’ve Been Thinking About You — Mariah Carey

Falling in love: I Am Stretched On Your Grave — Cathasaigh
That. Is. So. Morbid.

Fight song: Post Lovers In Japan — Coldplay

Breaking up: Love Song For No One — John Mayer
ah.. hah.

The best thing about my friends: Try — Nelly Furtado
hey not bad

Best friend’s theme song: She Will Be Loved — Maroon 5
now, which best friend is that? *cough*?

Prom: Bring Me To Life — Evanescence
why is my life track so morbid…. sheesh

High school overview: Broken Vow — Josh Groban
oh now THAT is pathetic.

Life: Unwanted — Avril Lavigne
cheerful and true, lovely.

Mental breakdown: My Valentine — Jim Brickman
how does that compute

How can I make myself happy: Lessons of Love — Lea Salonga

Driving: Si Volvieras a Mi — Josh Groban
ah. lovely.

Flashback: Lovebug — Jonas Brothers

How is my life going: Getting Into You — Relient K
well THAT is an improvement! amen

What I should do with my life: That’s Life — Michael Buble
uhuh. so what’s worse, iTunes, or fortune cookies? that’s about as helpful as the one that says “some fortune cookies contain no fortune.” like, say whaaa?

How can I get ahead in life: Standing Still — Jewel
that is so… i give up trying to comment on these.

Getting back together: Danny Boy — Celtic Woman
… so.. post-GBT he goes off to war and dies? yah. i get it.

Wedding: And So It Goes — Billy Joel
but. he. died. rotfl

Will I ever have children: Gitara — Parokya ni Edgar
no answer.

Birth of child: If I Wrote A Letter To Myself — Nikki

Final battle: Now That You’re Near — Hillsong United
DUDE! sweet. and my finger’ll be bleeding from strumming again, perfection

Death scene: My Desire — Jeremy Camp
oo. good death.

Funeral song: I’m Yours — Jason Mraz
… who chose it?

Life overview: The Howling — Within Temptation

End credits: Good Day — Tally Hall



  1. Driving: Si Volvieras a Mi — Josh Groban
    = “if you return to me” ais, it would’ve been so adorable if it wasn’t on driving XD

    I wanna do this! Again! XD

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