Some Things Just Stick With You

Years and years ago, I read a quote; ‘Immature love says, “I love you because I need you,” but mature love says, “I need you because I love you.”‘ I never understood what that meant until yesterday. It talks about moving past love as a feeling, into Love as a choice.

And that goes for a lot of things, not just love. There are many things that can be experienced as either feelings or choices. Among them are Faith, Hope, Love, and Happiness. So long as these things are experienced as feelings, they are ‘immature’ in the sense that feelings come and go, and you can’t put store by them. Only by moving past the feeling into the choice, the choice to Love, the choice to Hope, the choice to have Faith, the choice to be Happy, does it become ‘mature.’

But the flipside of the coin is that negativity is also something that can be experienced either as a feeling or as a choice. Sadness, Despair, Apathy… these can also be felt or chosen. And thus they also have an ‘immaturity’ and a ‘maturity’ about them.

From there, you move into a different sense of maturity and immaturity. The question now becomes, Is it mature (not the same kind of maturity in this context) to choose to be negative about things that one can be positive about if one is honest with oneself?

But that’s for another post.



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