A Week in AZ


I got up at about 6, left at about 6:45, got to the airport at about 7:45. I got through security np, found my gate, and sat to wait… and wait… and wait. Lol. I had my journal with me, so I figured I might as well write. I ended up staring at a blank page for most of the hour-and-then-some that I was waiting… didn’t write anything worth sharing… lol. I attempted to write a poem. Fail. I think I was half asleep. I would have let myself sleep if I hadn’t been afraid of sleeping very soundly. SO, anyway… started boarding at 9:15ish, left about 10 minutes late, but we still arrived in Detroit on time. I had apple juice.

I got off at gate A11… and had to go all the way to gate A75. That was super neat, there was this tunnel with lots of flashing lights and catchy music playing. Haha. And then there was this fountain… it was so cool. It was this round black… thing… and the top was flat… and the water was shooting out… and yet there was no water running off of it. I was lazy… didn’t stop to take a picture… regretted it afterwards, I’ll get to that later. Anyway… my legs were killing me by the time I got to my gate. Luckily, Taco Bell was right there. Yumm, Chicken Quesadilla and Dr. Pepper. I didn’t realize how short of a stop-over two hours is. I had JUST enough time to finish my lunch before it was time to board. And I did not finish my Dr. Pepper, shame on me for throwing that away…

I had a good nap on the plane. Drank more apple juice and ate some Twizzlers. I forgot they weren’t the kind with filling. I HATE the kind without filling. Oh well… Listened to my iPod when I woke up here and there, just enough to get me to fall asleep again.

I called Dev’s cell as soon as I got there, and panicked slightly, because she didn’t pick up. I tried her mom’s, but I guess I had the wrong number… so I tried the house phone, Aiden picked up, told me he’d call Dev, but a minute later, I saw Dev. Lol. Honestly, I think she got taller… xD First stop — Chipotle. Had a good chat on the way there. It was hot!!!! Hotter than I’d expected… like that heat that’s blinding at first? Yeah.

We got to their house, and the first thing I did was pull out my photobook :D and then Dev and I took some time to catch up in her room, I borrowed Aiden’s guitar, and we pulled out our Ball dresses. We discussed our parallel lives and brainstormed for blog posts… something about “The Consequences of Being Charitable.” Haha.

Sometime later, JP came in, so I started taking pictures. Well, he noticed that, and wanted to show me their camera…

and made me very nervous in doing so (he did a good job with it, but I was scared he’d drop it… haha…), and then he left the room once dd had persuaded him to let him have the camera, and came back to show me… Mickey Mouse.

Uhm…. notice anything… out of place? *cough*

Yes, well, once Dev and I realized exactly what was… amiss… Ian was given the task of helping John Paul with finding paper to use… and then JP brought his DVD collection in to show me, and spent a good twenty minutes asking me if I knew this story or that story… and I did recognize a great many, but I enjoyed hearing him tell me all about the ones I had never heard of.

Dev started cooking dinner, so I continued to babysit JP. First, we played fort with the couch cushions. He explained everything very, very carefully, so that I might understand that if I put my foot in certain places, I was sure to get bitten by a shark. He did not want my foot to be bitten off. *nods* We hid from arrows and bullets and sharks as best we could, and then when the arrows and bullets ceased, we went fishing. John Paul introduced me to the Mommy fish and the Daddy fish and the Baby fish and the Baby fish’s brothers. Well, we caught them and threw them back several times, and then all of a sudden, all the fish turned into sharks except for the Daddy fish, who went and hid. Mhm. And it seems that JP told his dad that he would be going home with me.

When Mrs. McIntyre and Aiden came home (I forget where they had been… the doctor?), I told Mrs. M what we had been doing, and she went, “You’re fluent. That’s scary.” Hahahaha. I am immensely proud of still be fluent in 3-yo talk after four years. :D

Mary had come home with Mrs. McIntyre, and she had dinner with us. After dinner, we went to Eileen’s house for the teen rosary and game night. Meg led the rosary, and then we played Apples to Apples (Aiden won xD) followed by Amoeba.

AHHHHHHHHHH my wrists hurt for a long time after Amoeba. I love that game!!! and I’m going to introduce it to the YFC as soon as poss. Hopefully this Sunday xD They didn’t enforce the boy-girl-boy-girl rule, so of course it was girls vs. guys, aaaaand the girls won twice! Funnnn. Honestly, I think my wrist popped… haha.

Dev and I didn’t stay up talking… we slept in the living room on the couches that had been the fort xD


I woke up at about 8. Dev had set her alarm for 9:30, but the sun was up, and I woke up, let myself drift in and out of sleep for a bit. After a bit, Mrs. McIntyre came into the dining room and started looking through my photobook. It was very quiet and peaceful, so I lay there for a bit and looked up at the ceiling… at the fan… the altar… the crosses… Our Lady of Guadalupe… Eventually, Dev woke up, and we sat up and ended up chatting with Mrs. McIntyre for about an hour. We talked about lots of stuff… it was a very homey, good-beginning-to-a-morning type thing :D like my talks with Mum.

The boys woke up one by one, and when they were all up, we met for prayer and breakfast at 9:30. I forget exactly what time Dev and I left for her math class… which I spent attempting to catch up in my journal, and then we went to Savers. Oh my goodness. It is a very dangerous place for me to be. Hahaha. I TRIED to focus on finding a costume for the party that night, but goodness, it was distracting… rotfl. We went home and had lunch, which was absolutely delicious. Ian was cooking corn tortillas, Mrs. M had chicken, Dev prepared a salad, and Aiden was grating cheese.

Dev and Mrs. M left for Walmart, we needed some stuff for that night’s party, and the boys and I continued eating. Ian made another batch of tortillas, and he and Aiden insisted that I try one with butter. Mmmmmm. After we cleaned up, JP decided to be a tiger, and he wanted me to be a lion. OK!! And then apparently I needed tutoring. I’m very, very bad at roaring, I’m afraid. *hangs head* I sound nothing like John Paul says I ought to… At any rate, I was very thankful for that time that I got to spend chatting with the boys while crawling around with JP.

When Dev and Mrs. M got home, we started baking immediately. SPEED BAKING!!!!! She made this chocolate/cheesecake cupcake, and I made upside-down plum cupcakes.

And YES, we actually got them into the oven within the half hour that we had!!! Haha. John Paul wanted to help… so he handed me plums to cut in half and core. But once that job was done, he wanted to do more… so they ended up making edible playdough. It smelled delicious, and I bet it tasted even better, but I didn’t get to taste it. :( lol. I would have liked to… ah well.

Dev and I left for the wake once the cupcakes were in, and Mrs. M followed once the cupcakes were done. We only stayed at the wake for a bit, but I got to meet some of Mary’s siblings and her mom, and we enjoyed the slideshow of her grandfather.

Mrs. M arrived at the wake as we left, and we traded cargo (the cupcakes) before proceeding to Eileen’s house for the Murder Mystery Party. Ahahaha that was funnnn. I was Aladdin. And I was completely innocent. It was CINDERELLA that destroyed King Henry VIII. We seriously couldn’t figure it out. (Wow, between 10 girls, our logic and clue-finding skillzz totally sucked. Rotfl.) Chelsea’s accent was the funniest. And Ms. Sherlock Holmes looked quite dashing with a ponytail.

Hahaha. We did take a break for dinner, pizza :), and then after we’d completed the act, we played Mafia and I killed everyone, so Cinderella and I were hated for the rest of the evening :D Oh well. Guess that means I can keep a straight face. *hem*

We…. took a bunch of awesome pics, OF COURSE. And then headed home…

and when we got home, JP decided he wanted to sleep with me on the air bed. Okkk!

Oh, I’d taught him to call me Ate. He pronounces it the way Lexie and Tintin do. So adorable. So we played tigers and sharks under the blanket and then JP told me a story, and I recorded part of it. Mrs. M came in and tried all sorts of things to get him to come sleep with her, from “Do you want a bedtime story?” to “John Paul, I miss you.” Nothing was working; he absolutely insisted on sleeping with me. Ok, new tactic. It’s called *lights out*. Well… at first, JP was quite content to stay with Ate and Devin, even though Mommy missed him… but then when the lights were out and the door was closed… here was John Paul, less than a minute later, trying to sneak out of the room without waking Ate and Devin up xD We cracked up when the door closed behind him. We could hear Mrs. M asking him if he was ready for a bedtime story. Haha.


Dev and Mr. McIntyre left for ASU pretty early, and the rest of the family went to the funeral for Mary’s grandfather, so I was home alone. I called Mum while everyone was gone, and talked to her and the kids for about half an hour… but then Yena took the phone and then forgot that I was there, so I was going, “Hello, hello?? Hello, nandito pa ako…” and finally, Paco took the phone and explained that Yena and Migi were fighting. (I kinda figured that out from the noise…) So then I asked to talk to Mum, and we had a good chat about lots of stuff.

Dev and Mr. M got home from ASU at around 1ish, and they’d brought me home Chipotle xD with extra rice, and I finished it in one sitting, I was so proud of myself.. hehe ang babaw… Mr. M took a nap, and meanwhile, Dev and I went to the library and checked out a bunch of movies. When we got home, we left again for… mm, I can’t remember whose house… but the boys were already there, in the pool, and Dev and I sat and talked with the mommies. We talked about chocolate, the 4real board, psychologists, being foodies, books, basically a bunch of stuff that I just love listening to mothers talk about. There are just some subjects that are so… so mommyish, so homeyish… :) I love homeschool moms. They’re the absolute best people to talk to.

Mrs. McIntyre and the boys had come there straight from the funeral, so Dev and I headed out with Mr. M and Aiden first. We dropped Aiden off at baseball practice (whew!!! sounds majorly intense…) and Dev and I got dropped off at home, and we got started on the pizza dough. We put on HSM (ahahahaha yep. We actually borrowed HSM1 from the library… what possessed me, I wonder? maybe because I saw an HSM2 poster at Eileen’s house…) but we turned it off before we finished the first three chapters. We watched baseball and the Suite Life instead, and some other show on the Disney channel (oh geez. It was about THE most awesome miniature golf course EVER… Ian and I went on and on and on and on about it afterwards, because it was just TOO COOL FOR WORDS. Geez, I wish I could play on it… what show does that to me these days?!). When the rest of the family got home, we ended up refrigerating the pizza dough, because Mrs. M had brought home sandwich fixings, so we had sandwiches for dinner :D and then Dev and I went and watched the rest of HSM in her room, followed by Becoming Jane. AAAAAAHHHH I HATE THAT MOVIE!!!!! and I love it. It’s one of those movies one loves to hate. Or hates to love. I mean, it is such a lovely movie, and I KNOW she did the right thing, but I HATED IT!!! lol. And I hate crying during sentimental movies, honestly… I don’t mind crying when someone dies, but AAAARRRGHHH!!!! good movie. Yup. Would love to watch it again. Or not. Paolo called at some point in the middle of it all, before anyone had gone to bed, about 8 something in AZ.


The morning started off with chores which they did not let me help with, except for tidying up JP’s area. Hah, but I snuck in washing dishes later…

We made pizza for lunch!!! and then the family shared a bunch of funny Walmart stories… well, some funny, some slightly alarming… lol.

After lunch, Dev worked on the sleeves of her dress, and I made a huge fuss over what to do with my hair… such a girl, aren’t I, when it comes to my hair… lol. Well… let’s skip over the fusses shall we? Heh.

We left the house at about 5:15ish, got to the Pattersons’ at about 5:30ish, played 8-ball with Aiden until the girls came down (Dev went up), and then we took pics outside. There were five of us girls — Cary, Maleah, Mary, Dev, and I — and then Aiden, so Mr. Patterson was coaching Aiden, and he had him kneel in front of us with his arms out.

This would be his “Guys, eat your hearts out; I’m the luckiest guy in the world” pose. rotflwtime. We left their house at about 5:45, and Mrs. Patterson drove the six of us. We played the alphabet game, which Dev and her dad had introduced to me, and I totally lost. Blah! Haha. We got to Scottsdale at about 6:15, walked around a bit with the girls, we had a fairly big group, but I’ll get to that later… Shall I begin my crazy narrative of the Pride and Prejudice Ball? Here goes:

So the first dance, Grady took Dev and I was considering simply sitting it out, but Dev spotted some guy and jerked her head towards me and so he came and got me. I don’t remember his name now, but he wasn’t very… *cough* interesting (I’m counting on nobody from around there ever finding this blog. Please excuse my bluntness…)… he smiled… a LOT… and didn’t say much, the conversation we had was very vague and general… stuff… *ahem*

The second dance was about to begin, Dev and my partner and Grady and I were standing close to each other, and Grady goes, “So are we switching partners…” and Dev goes, “Or we could just keep the same partners…” but I gave her a *mortified* look, so she consented to switch. *coughthankheavenscough* *coughidontthinkdevwouldvethankedmeforit* That dance was a lot of fun, it was fairly simple, and Grady was very pleasant and funny.

The third dance, I was with Aiden, which was a lot of fun. Aiden and I nailed that thing PERFECTLY. And now I forget how it goes. Ahahaha. Let me see… we were in sets of four, first couple cast down, walk up between back to our spots, second couple cast up and walk back to between to their spots, then… wait… I think first corners switch, second corners switch, then circle four halfway, and first couples cast down and second couples step up. Yes, I think I got that right. I’d know it again if I danced it.

Fourth dance, I was with Jeremy, but while Jeremy’s a truly interesting guy, I highly regret that dance, because it was a waltz, and Jeremy is incapable of waltzing (which reminds me, Dev also had a story of a certain someone who was also very much incapable of waltzing… last year was it? xD so we’re even, I suppose…). We had a break after that, and our group claimed a corner of couches (two couches at first, and then all of a sudden when we went there at the next break, there was a third couch there where no couch had been. There were enough of us in the group to keep others from joining us), and then we were piped back in by the bagpiper guy (piped at the beginning of the dance, and then piped us back into the gym after each break, much like the cowbell in the Moeller cafeteria), and I forget now who I danced with for the 5th dance. I believe it was Jeremy again. Yes, that was it. Now, that dance was awesome, we were in sets of six, and so it was me and Jeremy, Mara and Grady, and Dev and Aiden. There was one part where the girls were required to take hands and skip around the guys, and then the guys would do the same around the girls, but the guys had a MAJOR problem with a) skipping, b) holding hands. Actually, no, I take that back… Aiden and Jeremy didn’t make much of a fuss at all, but GRADY was HILARIOUS. He REFUSED to hold hands with the guys and ‘REFUSED’ to skip, but I say ‘refused’, because when the six of us took hands and circled, HE was the only one skipping(!!!!!!) and the rest of us walked calmly. Absolutely hilarious.

Sixth dance, I was with Anthony. That was a lot of fun, and he made me laugh… he’s a karate guy, and it was evident. *nods* I appreciate that. There was one part where we were supposed to do a full turn on the spot, and you could just tell that he was a karate dude, because the movement on his part was akin to some crazy spin block in a kata? Yep. I quite enjoyed myself.

Seventh dance, some random dude asked me… I wasn’t even turned towards him, like, I was standing with Jeremy and Grady and all of a sudden this guy comes up to me, he’s on my left, and bows. (Again, God forbid this guy find this blog… hahahaha.) Well, at first I thought it wasn’t such a big deal, he was an ok dancer, I guess, but I freaked out at the very very end, because the first and last couple, at the ends of each lines of sets, stand out for one round, and then go back in because there’s a new couple at each end at the end of each round. Anyway, so things went well…. until we were the end couple. And THEN this guy starts dancing a jig!!! Uhm… my ettiquette is… weak… and I decided to look around and pretend as if I did not know him. *cough* It’s kind of… hard to do… when you’re standing right across from them. Bah.

Eight dance… another waltz, I believe, which I sat out because I wanted to. Actually, Cary and Maleah and I went and took pics elsewhere. Ninth dance was the pumpkin dance, and that was the best dance of all!!! There’s three chairs, and two lines leading up to slightly to the side of either chair, so the three people can see down between the two lines. The person in the middle chair holds a pumpkin, and they hand it to one of the persons sitting next to them and skip or something of the sort down the middle with the other person, and then the person with the pumpkin moves to the middle chair and one person from each line sits down, so you have no idea who you’re going to be paired with. It’s funny when the person in the middle makes a show of not being able to decide, puts the pumpkin down on the seat, and takes the hands of both persons. Especially when it’s three guys skipping down all together. Ahahahahaha.

So then, we had another break. Claimed the couches again xD OUR corner, no one else’s. And then when we came back in… Tenth dance was the shoe dance. All the girls take off one shoe and throw it in a pile in the middle, the guys charge down the gym and grab a shoe, and then the girl that they got the shoe of is their partner for the next dance. Jeremy got mine. Geez! So we all went around hunting for the guy that had our shoe, and Jeremy was like, “You’re kidding, right?” lol. Three dances in one night. What the heck. Honestly. Jeremy and I botched the 9th dance. Actually, no. We got it perfectly right except for the part where we’re supposed to promenade up the middle together… and he was attempting to spin me and failing totally. Alright, alright, that was my fault… Oh well! Eleventh dance, I sat out, I was busy taking pics. Twelfth dance was a waltz, and I sat that out, too.

So then we took group pics, there were 21 of us in the group. Funnnn. OH, I must tell about the dude I nicknamed ‘ the huzzah guy’. *nods* You see, there was one extremely enthusiastic guy there that just.. well. He was certainly dressed the part… and when Lord Scott was making his speech, this guy kept bursting out in loud “Huzzah”s left and right. At first, some people joined in, but come the end of the speech, he was the only one doing it. And then he burst out in random”Huzzah”s throughout the dance. And during the dances he was conducting people from where he stood waiting for his turn to move. Honestly. This guy freaked me out. Oh don’t get me wrong, he looked nice enough. But I did not want to dance with the huzzah guy. So I kept hiding behind the other girls during break. Rotfl ‘course they’ve seen him before, and they’re used to him and they say he’s quite nice and some of them danced with him, but not me. Period. So, yes, I successfully avoided the huzzah guy for the entire night, thank you.

I talked music with Cary most of the way home. And… we got home at 1:12 AM and I went STRAIGHT TO BED. lol. Anyway, here’s a bunch of pics from the dance —

That would be my hair. I had no idea how it looked till Dev took this picture.
That would be my hair. I had no idea how it looked till Dev took this picture.
D I like it.
I thought this would turn out too dark, but I guess not :D I like it.
~the beautiful job Mrs. M did with Devs hair ~
~the beautiful job Mrs. M did with Dev's hair ~
Yes, thats ONE clip. I cant get over how she did it.
Yes, that's ONE clip. I can't get over how she did it.
Do something manly!!!
"Do something manly!!!"
The group... minus Caitlin and Molly
The group... minus Caitlin and Molly


I got up at like 10, Aiden had already filled Mrs. McIntyre in on the dance… hilarious… Omigosh and I still haven’t uploaded the videos!!!! AAARRRGHHHH I will do that later today!!!! Mass at 11:30, Dev was one of the lectors, and Aiden and Ian were the altar servers.

When we got home, we watched Return to Me. Nice movie, I liked it. It was annoying, again, but Becoming Jane was still eons worse, so. And then we went to eat at My Big Fat Greek. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS I can’t get over it. I’m spoiled for their Calzones now. I cannot have a calzone anywhere else, ever, ever again. Please agree with me that this looks absolutely decadent —

Florentine Calzone
Florentine Calzone

— because it is. I can’t believe how much I ate.

At about 9 PM, Dev and I began our Bourne Marathon. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Lol it was absolutely hilarious… because after each movie, I was like, “What’s he got left to do? He’s already done so-and-so…” and always, after each movie, Dev would rub it in that he did have things left to do. And now I’m longing for the fourth. Haha. Oh, and I was predicting stuff and failing totally… EXCEPT when I predicted an explosion and then everything blew up and I yelled “I WAS RIGHT!!!!” but then my predictions were completely dead from there on. WE only watched the first two that night, we watched the third the following night… oh, we stayed up till 2 AM talking… a lot about Cafeteria Catholics, and again about our semi-parallel lives, and again about Catholic colleges, and Catholic families, and everything that you only hear from Catholic homeschooled teens and practically no one else. I cannot think of a single conversation that I have had with any non-homeschooled teen that was ever anywhere near as spiritually filling as the conversations that I have had with Catholic homeschooled teens, especially Dev. Isn’t that sad? and yet I suppose I ought not be surprised… but it can be so discouraging sometimes. Bleh.


I got up late… about 10ish… obviously. Haha, was so tired from that conversation… looked over Dev’s shoulder as she was editing her paper and then left at 10:40 for her english class. We went straight to Walmart afterwards, we needed stuff for dinner, and then we went home and had lunch, and then I started making the leche flan. Jeremy arrived as I was putting it in the oven, so we went outside at about 2:30 and started jamming until 6:45ish when the curry was done. We went through our iPods for things to jamm… I remember playing You and Me, Here I Am to Worship, Crazy For This Girl, Mighty to Save… and now I totally forget what else. Haha. Jeremy started playing songs he’d written and I followed. Meanwhile, even though it was rather chilly, John Paul and Ian actually played with the hose. (It was freezing!!!!!!!! They didn’t mind!?!?)

Devin had made her killer chicken curry (I could eat that for days. Seriously.) and Jeremy stayed for dinner, and the whole family was there and we had very interesting conversation at dinner. Let me see… baseball… and moving… and food… oh yes, food… oh, and how the removed thing works. You know, the whole, “my cousin once removed on my mom’s side” thing, I’ve always found that so confusing, but then they got confused with the Pinoy system (or is it only my family? ahaha), and we decided to stop before we got even more confused. Haha. Jeremy left at about 8:20ish? and then we prayed the rosary, and then we watched Bourne Ultimatum. Oh, and throughout all the movies we had been watching, we were snacking on lots of things… juice and brownies and pretzels and popcorn and apples and… yeah. Feasting. Haha.


We went and climbed mountains!!!!!!!! after Dev got home from her class, and then we went to the mall and oh here’s a picture of Devin driving —

— and of course I had to take pictures of all the sharp pointy things as we climbed mountains… wait, I just went backwards, didn’t I? So we went and climbed mountains because Mrs. M said I had to do something pertaining to AZ. Hahaha. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the trail was not too steep, only tricky. We took weird videos. Haha. Oh, and on our way there, we were at a stoplight, and the cars in front of us were the perfect shade of blue and green… Devin and I are so weird. We began talking about bridesmaids dresses. Because of the colors of the cars. How do cars make us think of bridesmaids dresses?! rotflwtime. The green and the blue just went together… an olive green type… and a pastel-ish blue… lovely. Perfect for tablecloths and napkins and bridesmaids dresses. *nods* We decided to document our conversation while climbing down the mountain. I have to upload that video sometime… Oh, so here’s something sharp and pointy:

this is my country. seriously. SHARP AND POINTY is sooo aisa
this is my country. seriously. SHARP AND POINTY is sooo aisa

And here are two gorgeous pics from the mountain, the latter using my incredibly awesome zoom… haha.

You know, I really think you should just go view the whole album. Here. And now we can move on… So we went to Walgreens and got drinks (I wish I could get AZ iced tea out here, it’s sooooooooo good) and then to the mall and had lunch there, and then we watched Kung Fu Panda. *KADOOSH* Hahaha. And then to Walgreens to hunt for pasalubong (although what I really ended up getting was a keychain and a scorpion for myself… but I did get a puzzle for the kids! … lol), then home for a quick bite of dinner, and then to Dev’s karate class. They made me do things. Ahhhh. Hahaha, I’m so out of shape. But hey, I had a good time. I liked everyone I met, they were very, very kind. But boy was I tired when we got home!!!!

I can’t remember now if we watched anything that night, or if we just talked and talked and talked… either we did the latter or we did both. Haha.


I asked everyone to sign my photobook. :D The whole inside front cover now belongs solely to the McIntyres. Oh, John Paul decided to give his horsey a haircut. *nods* I think Devin saw fit to take the scissors away after that… haha. And then they did the goodbye wave… and Mr. M took me to the airport… and then it was all over. I had a croissant and a cup of white hot chocolate at Starbucks and got some Cactus Jelly, Prickly Pear Jam, and Jalapeno preserves for Mum, and then… yep. The first flight was delayed… giving me half an hour to walk from Terminal A to Terminal C and I was not smart enough to use the shuttle thingy, so I ran and was out of breath with a stitch in my side… but I did not miss my second flight, praise God, and I got home safely… and yes. Here I am, an experienced traveler. Haha. Oh, and because it was night, the super cool fountain was off and there wasn’t time anyway. So yes, I regretted that horribly. lol.

Some final pics:

Ate, JP, and DD (if you pronounce Ate the way JP does, we all rhyme! lol...)
Ate, JP, and DD (if you pronounce Ate the way JP does, we all rhyme! lol...)
D not to mention matching shirts!!! lol.
:D best friends... for six-ish/seven-ish years now! and counting :D not to mention matching shirts!!! lol.
D byebye!
:D byebye!

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