lol the innocence

I was looking through old papers and found something from music class in, like, 3rd grade? and cried out —

me: Oh my gosh! This is from elementary school!!!
Mum: Ohhh my gosh. I should’ve just thrown those things away. They’re junk…
me: Nooo! I’m going to keep it and scan it and show it to Michelle and ask if she remembers when we had to sing this…
Yena: What’s elementary school?


And then at lunch, I was talking to Mum about elem school friends, and about how some of them turned out, and I used the word ‘dealt’, and… oh, the questions that followed.

Yena: What’s “dealt”?
me: Dealt. As in deal. Like… the way you deal with someone… *struggling to explain*
Yena: So… gambling?

Yep. Sure, babygirl, that works.


me: Her only concept of ‘deal’ is Ocean’s…
Mum: Oh, haha, I didn’t even think of that…


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