“Purity is our superglue.”


When I’m ready to be in a relationship, I want to be able to say that.

ToB went really well last Saturday. We discussed a lot of things… including the importance of recognizing the blessing in the state of singleness, with sharings from Ate Candice and Ate Joyce; separating infatuation/puppy love from real love, also brought up by Ate Joyce; the difference between being in love and loving; the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of Reconciliation; the responsibility we Sisters have to our Brothers, and the responsibility they have to us, to guard and protect each others’ minds and hearts by our words and actions; the totally real possibility of having a really good, strong, deep friendship with a guy without being in a relationship, with sharing from Ate Candice; that the only thing that would really change, if you were to enter into a relationship with someone that you’ve had a really good friendship, with is that you would have a claim on their heart and they would have a claim on yours; and with that particular point came reviewing the purpose of dating in the first place — that is, to discern the possibility of marriage — and thus, if we’re not actually considering marriage, then we have no right to waste a person’s time or energy or affections; long relationships vs. long friendship and then maybe relationship, with sharing from Ate Candice; and lots and lots more that I cannot seem to recall.

Needless to say, the discussion was a long one, and I hope we all learned something by it, I know I did, and I hope all of us Sisters can live out what we’ve learned to be good and true and just.

And I hope the Bros had a good discussion. :)


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