Mother says I ought to be a script writer.

Mom: At least you’ll probably be friends for life.
me: Even if we never get to know each other as people.

Now tell me honestly, was that not profound?



  1. LOL, Dev, like she would answer HERE? (altho’ knowing her she probably already filled you in)

    at any rate, my dear daughter, this might make it to a movie but chances are it will be a rather sappy chick flick.

    seriously…. that exchange makes me sad. i think with regret about some of the people i could have gotten to know on a deeper level but they either closed the door on me or i closed the door on them, either because of misunderstanding or just plain prejudice (or pride hahaha, funny how those two things go together ha — austen’s incomparable when it comes to social commentary). i don’t wish it for you one bit. pray:)

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