Labor Day Weekend

Hehe I’ve got a lot to catch up on…


We had a household at the Kraimers. We were complete except for Matt and Tita Fides, although Matt did come later, but it was already Fellowship by that time. Tito Joe led worship. That was a good one! Heh, I think part of it might have had something to do with the fact that I’d used all old stuff… nothing new that day.

The kids all went downstairs, and the first thing Therese did was ‘lock’ me in a dark room. I tried walking out after waiting a minute, but she’d spot me and ‘lock’ me in again. Well, I decided to call Ben, and we talked for a few minutes, long enough for Therese to become distracted and not attempt to ‘lock’ me back in when I came out. I love the Kraimer girls! They’re so adorable!! Hehe they were playing foozball… Migi and Paco vs. Frances and Aya. The Sisters won :P Lol.

Eventually, we were called up for Fellowship, and Matt arrived somewhere in the middle of it. Oh, I brought my photobook to the household. xD


Daddy woke us early Saturday morning, and we left for St. Louis before 9. We watched Mickey Mouse cartoons after lunch. Like, the old ones. The good ones. Haha. Other than that, I slept. Soundly. :D

Rested for a bit, then Mama and Unc took me shopping. Wheee! Lolzers. Mama’s grad gift to me. Hmm… I got four tops and two skirts. Yay! Jamm session with Unc and Ninong later that day. I remember jamming Dashboard Confessional and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and I think Parokya? I forget what else.

Dinner… Yena wrote everyone’s names down and put them on their plates. She wanted to be between her Tito Topey and Tito Alvin. Erm… there was some argument about that xD because the boys both wanted to be between Unc and Ninong, also. Lol. Anyway… we jammed again a bit after dinner, and then we watched Ocean’s 13 :D Funnn. Haha Daddy and Unc stayed up and watched Bourne Ultimatum, but I was waaayyyyyy too tired to join them.

9/01 —

Sunday, we went to Mass early, cooked when we got home, and then went to Tita Mema’s. WOW I so love their house!!!!!! And the homily was beautiful. I’d missed the ToB session the day before, but I felt like God was giving me my make-up session at Mass. It was absolutely perfect.

At first I chilled with Abong upstairs, and we went through the photobook xD!! and then I went downstairs and the Titos told me to come outside and drink with them. Muaha. “Aisa, gusto mo ng beer? Wine?” I had a Sunkist :D and I played some worship songs for them while they were passing the photobook around, and then Unc and Ninong joined me by turns, we jammed Dashboard Confessional again, and some Nelly Furtado… what else? I can’t remember, haha. And then Unc and Ninong took over the guitars and we all had a nice chat about American culture vs. Pinoy culture, particularly in the area of child discipline/respect and honor to parents. Very good talk. Ah, and I gave out my senior pics.

I left Unc and Ninong jamming and showed my photobook to Tita Nene and gave her the senior pics to be sent to family in the Pinas. Tita Nene was sleepy, so we went inside to where it was cooler. Tita Nene, Tita Dolly, Tita Emily, Mama, Mommy, Tita Lulu, and I made ourselves comfortable in the sala and talked about Ninang Tessie… and Manong Nick… and how his spirit was most definitely with us during the funeral, what with all the confused statements… rotflwtime what a time we had laughing. I’ll never forget that. Some laughter, some tears, especially talking about Ninang… very, very good conversation. Papa joined us for a bit.

It was so fun watching Daddy with baby Anna… it’s been a while since I’ve seen Daddy with a little baby. I love watching him. :D And it makes me that much more excited for Buji. What I loved best was that Daddy was content to be away from everyone else and just entertain the baby, and the rest of the kids that were running around the house. Everyone else was talking outside/sleeping on the screened-in patio or in the basement/eating in the kitchen, but Daddy was at the piano with Anna.

I ate more and hung with Abong more, and then the kids and Tito Regie and Ninong Alvin had a bonfire outside. Oh, we had group pics, and the kids ‘swam’ in the spa. Haha. Lol and then all the ‘anti-social’ people went to the living room: me and Dad and Mum and Unc and Tita Mema and Tito Jarret. Haha Tita Mema told us about Tito Jarret and Ty. What a laugh. We talked about Ty… goodness, I didn’t recognize him when I first saw him. He was so furry… like a lion! seriously! the last time I saw him. But he’s not anymore! :( and I think he’s lame now or something. Well… he’s pretty old now… Ahaha Tita Mema does not remember microwaving an egg with Mommy. Lol they were reminiscing about when Mum used to babysit her. I was playing Tita Mema’s violin… I like Tita Mema’s violin, it sounds a lot better than mine. Which reminds me, I need to practice… Oh, and Tito Jarret brought up a sword and a skull and told the kids the skull was his grandfather’s. Very funny, Tito. Lol but the sword was gorgeous. I got pics…

Jammed some more outside, wishing now that I’d had some wine, it smelled absolutely delicious. Ah well, next time, next time. Hehe with all the Titos and Titas recently come for good from the Pinas, there won’t be any shortage of drinking sessions. xD Good timezzzz. I will never like beer, though. I absolutely detest it. I’ll stick with the red wine. And the sunkist xD :( The only thing about the party that seemed off was that there wasn’t any mahjong. Or was there? Maybe in the basement, but I actually didn’t go down. Oh, and we didn’t have karaoke!!!! Mahjong and karaoke, the two things that we ALWAYS do at family parties, but I don’t think we had either this time. Haha but then again, we had the drinking session. Which always happens in the Pinas but not so much in St. Louis. Well, new traditions, old traditions… s’all good.

:D I got… I think 8? 9? 10? signatures in my photobook. I forget. It’s upstairs and I’m too lazy to get it and go count… Of course everyone asked me about college, what my plans are, if I have a boyfriend, etc. etc., the usual. *sigh* I was teased mercilessly about seeming to have all my plans set for the next, what, seven years? but “what if something comes up on the sidelines…” so on, so forth. Hn.

We left St. Louis early on Monday, took some family pics… Yena had ballet/tap in the afternoon, which I think I slept through. Lol.


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