Blurb!!!!!!!! A Review

xD Yup, my photobook came!!!! *super insanely happy*

A few tips to people who are new to blurb, tho.

1) If you originally designed it as a hardcover with a dust jacket, do not be disappointed when you decide to order the photo-wrap instead and find that the author’s blurb thingy on the flaps of the dust jacket are… not there. Because there is no dust jacket. Duhhh. Hn, I didn’t think of that… ah well. Anyway…

2) Do not be mislead by the preview. There is a barcode on the bottom right of the back cover that does now show in the preview, so don’t put anything there that you would prefer not be covered up. Heh… I did. So now, three lines of my poem are… not there. Hem, moving on…

3) Dark photos are definitely a no-no. The resolution goes weird. It ends up looking like paintings of paper dolls. Or something. Ah, and that includes photos on sunny days that were taken in the shadow of a tree or something. Using flash at night is iffy. Some nighttime shots w/flash turned out beautifully. As in, plain gorgeous. Seriously. Very very clear, etc. Others just didn’t. Weird. I guess I really can’t give an opinion on that point. You’ll just have to decide if you want to risk it or not. But definitely the brightest shots came out clearest.

4) There are two blank pages, one after the front cover and one before the back cover, that aren’t included in the preview on the Booksmart software, so just a note, you don’t have to worry about putting in those filler pages (unless you want more?) yourself.

So, yeah, I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out. 7″ x 7″, I’d say about an inch or so deep, 1412 pics in 320 pages. I did count how many photos turned out less-than-satisfactory. 79. Eh, not a big deal if you do the math. What, 5.6ish? % bleh. But for the price and the other 1333 pics that turned out just fine (or even better than I had hoped), it’s totally worth the time I put in. Oh, one last tip, though —

5) If you’re making a photobook of your high school years, and you happen to be from a homeschooling family that does a lot of traveling and takes a LOT of pictures, I really would not advise attempting to fit it all into 320 pages of a 7×7 book, unless they’re headshots and you can fit 16 to a page and still see everything you want to see. On the other hand, if you’ve got shots at the Grand Canyon, say, and you want people to see the majesty of it all, and thus you really have no choice but to let one photo take up a whole page… yeah. 320 pages goes pretty quick. :D

~~~~~ UPDATE 091608 ~~~~~

*super sad face*

We had my grad party on Saturday. Wahhh my book is falling apart. Heh. It might also be because so many people looked at it/signed it. But I can’t help feeling that the binding is rather weak… I mean, c’mon, books that we’ve had for years and years, that all of us kids have grown up with, haven’t fallen apart yet. Bleh.

Well, I’m not saying I’ll never do it again… It could be due to the thickness or the dimensions or something. Who knows. The book that I saw at the Almarios was thinner and of a different size, and the binding on that one seemed perfectly fine.

But for the record… :( Here’s what I discovered was left of my dear little book, after everyone had left the party:

( my favorite page came out!!
:( my favorite page came out!!

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