Can I steal from J.K Rowling?

Yes, I’d like to steal a certain line from Book Seven, please, and apply it to my present situation. Thank you. It reads, “Her voice was now so shrill only bats would be able to hear it soon, but she had reached a level of indignation that rendered her temporarily speechless…”

Yes, yes, I know, I shouldn’t be surprised to read stuff like this, and I’ve read plenty of it, but every time I come across something like this, I still yell “WHAT?!?!?” like it’s never-been-heard-of news to me. “…a nurse… discovered that infants who survived abortions in an Illinois hospital were being left to die in soiled utility rooms.” Over and over and over again, it’s nothing new, how SICK is that? How can anyone tolerate it???? Just how.. inhuman… can people be?!

And this is just laughable. And what’s even more funny (in a good, heartening way) is that the Catholic authorities are responding en masse (and are calming me down considerably). Perhaps I should be ashamed of it, but I have no pity for her. She’s making it out like she’s not giving just some personal opinion, but that she knows Catholic doctrine. It’s hilarious. These are the truths of our Faith, the things that make Catholicism what it is, and that we are expected to live by; she may have gotten an “unwanted lesson in Catholic theology,” but was she really expecting anything else? Of course they’re going to set her straight! She can’t go misrepresenting Church teaching and expect to get away with it? I’m no theology master (yet :D), but one thing I do know is that the Church has never wavered on its stand concerning Life. Ever. Life begins at conception, period. No arguments. On that note, lol convos with the fam. Oh, and this whole thing with Pelosi’s is even more hilarious than that one Obama supporter. Although I laughed pretty hard at every “incredulous” describing O’Reilly.


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