One More Week!!

Hehe, yepp. One more week of high school. *whew*

And then we’ll be going to St. Louis for a family reunion. *hyper*

My photobook is supposed to come tomorrow. *so happy*

We got a bunch of my senior pics printed, along with some of the group shots from the GA with Tito Frank. *yay*

We went to the Taste of Blue Ash on Saturday night, because Kenny Loggins was up at 9. *super awesome good time = sleepy*

So, yeah. This week is crunch week. The reason I’m on the computer blogging and not schooling is because everyone’s still in bed and thus I cannot watch either my a) Pre-Calc b) Physics or c) Chem DVDs and that would be everything I need to get done this week. Ah well. I wanted to finish this post last night, but I decided to sleep early and wake up early, and yay! that worked out. So here I am.

Friday night, we had a household at the Almarios, our first with this new HH. We got the Nadermans, Suchoskis, Almarios, and Kraimers. Fifteen kids altogether!!! not counting Buji. Insane. It was pretty rowdy… not at first, but nearer the middle, especially when the boys were allowed to run around as they pleased. Hmmm… lol. Well, let me see. We had a good worship, I think. We sang Now That You’re Near :D and that brought back good times. Once we got all the kids upstairs, we played a get-to-know-you game, which was amusing. We then attempted to play Animal Master, but I don’t think that works with too many people. Lol. And then things went all over the place. We played different versions of Rigmarole-type games. And then Matt decided to ‘translate’ tagalog. He’d make up the funniest stuff and then all of a sudden translate a particular sentence correctly, which would always be unexpected on my part. I think Jojo and Aya had fun. They’re sooooo adorable. We celebrated Jacob’s birthday xD So cute!! I’ve got a video of him blowing out his candles.

So yeah, that was a good household… I was sleeeeeepyyyyy when we got home…

And then Saturday was super insanely awesome!!! I think I already said that. Whoops. Hem.

We had the Fraternal and the ToB at the same time at Mariel’s house. Wheeeee so many birthdays!!! Mariel’s and Jon’s and Candisse’s and Gloria’s and Ate Candice’s and Kuya Vin’s! We celebrated Mariel and Ate Candice’s. ToB went well, half of the video was separate for the guys and girls. I think that was definitely one of our deepest discussions yet. Second would come the one from the session at Kuya Vin’s house.

After ToB, a bunch of us left for the Taste of Blue Ash, and the San Miguels offered, I believe, that we park at their house. We, along with the Almarios and I believe the De Velas, took that offer :D and we got there right as Tito Ver and Tita Flor were walking past. We had quite a time finding everyone and everyone finding each other and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda… xD In the end, we crowded into the space that Tito Leo had reserved with four chairs. We turned those four chairs into six chairs, plus a blanket and a banig, and squeezed seventeen people into our area — the seventeen being us (6 [or 7, if you want to count Buji]), the Almarios (4), the De Velas (4), Tita Cynthia, Lola, and Paolo. Basically, the Moms and Kuya Mico all in chairs, and the Dads and kids on the ground. Oh, but I think Tita Fides was with us kids because Tito Don was in a chair and Matt sat on his lap some of the time. Ahaha.

Bah, it was much too dark to take decent pics of the group, but was funnyyyy. And actually, I think I enjoyed it better that we, all squeezed together, than if we’d actually managed to save 17 seats. We would’ve taken a whole row, but I think it was definitely nicer the way it was. Hmm… I’d estimate less-than-3 x 7 or 8ish? ft space. I didn’t make it all the way to the other end of the space, so I could be wrong. Maybe a little longer than that. Anyway, it was pretty hot, but no one complained, and while waiting for the concert to start (and some of our group hadn’t arrived yet), Kuya Gabe and Juli played Animal Master with us :D I think later, some of the kids played Watermelon, too.

YAYYYYY for Kenny Loggins!!! The VERY FIRST SONG was Danny’s Song *squealing insanely* followed by Return to Pooh Corner. Ahhhh!!!!!! And then the last three songs were Danger Zone, Footloose, and Forever.

We came back to Taste of Blue Ash yesterday for lunch after Mass, and I had a good look at the spot we’d occupied. Boy, did it look small in the sun, completely devoid of chairs and whatnot. (Ahaha and now that I think about it, there was a pile of shoes/bags/etc. in the middle of our area that took up enough space for another person to sit. But it was SO much more comfortable without shoes on.)

Hmm… to wrap up… some interesting quotes from dinner last night —

“Tomorrow, I rule Japan!!!” – Paco

“In one of my death matches…” – Yena

I suppose a little explanation would be welcome, eh? Haha it’s all from Age of Empires. Death Match is a mode. So Yeni was explaining that in one of the games in which she chose the Death Match mode, she built a maze of ballistas so that enemies would have to go through the maze and get destroyed in the process. Very cool strategy. *thumbs up* I am so trying that next time. And as for Paco’s, well, one more level and he ‘rules Japan,’ apparently, so good luck to him, but I think he was trying to get around to ‘ruling’ it last night, and it wasn’t… going… well…

Oh, we saw the Nadermans at Mass yesterday, and Aunt Bethany was telling us that she wanted to have a Princess and Knights tea party type thing, and I believe it was Harry Steve who said something along the lines of that he didn’t want princesses at the party, and, “I punt all da printhetheth.” (I punch all the princesses.) “I don’t think he quite gets it…” — Aunt Bethany. Rotflwtime. So adorable.

AHHH and now it’s time for me to go do schoolwork so that I can help Mum cook the rest of the day. Byeeee.


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