:) A Blessed Weekend

Thursday night, we went out to dinner with Tita Cecile and the De Velas, minus Kuya Gabe =( Mum and Dad chose the Korean restaurant where they’d eaten with Mama while I was at BD’s with Nate and Paolo. I ordered the Boston Roll, and Fried Banana for dessert (our turon is still so much better; but of course, as Mum says, NOTHING beats Pinoy turon), and it happened that my order was the first to arrive, so that by the time everyone else’s came, I was already on dessert. (I heard Mother over at the other end of the table saying something like, “… tingnan mo naman ang anak ko, nag d-dessert na…”) Hem, I didn’t mean to be rude… lol.

The seating arrangement landed me on what I guess was the guys’ side of the table, which I enjoyed immensely, for Daddy and Tito Leo started talking about the rumbles at college. Hmm… I think it would not do for me to put their adventures here. xD It’s in my journal, though. Well, there was that, among other things, but that was the main topic that caught my ear.

I’d been done eating for a while, and they were done talking about the rumbles and had turned to work matters, which wasn’t at all uninteresting, but I was curious as to what was going on at the other end of the table, so I asked if I might sit with the girls :) Tito Leo ended up coming over also, and the seating arrangement was the Dad, Kuya Mico, Tita Doris, me, Tito Leo, Tita Cecile, Mum, and the kids running around. Hmm… the things we talked about on that end of the table are most definitely not going here :) ROTFLWTIME. It’s been a while since I’ve been teased so much by a bunch of adults. No, wait, come to think of it, it’s never happened before. Mhm definitely a new experience. I suppose I ought to get used to it; it’ll only get worse as the years go by, eh? Hayyy nako.

Tito Leo had brought some of Gabe’s senior pics, so we got to see those, and he also showed me older pics of Gabe, Tita Doris, and his first car. Very cool :)

ANG INGAY NAMIN. Sinamahan ko si Yeni sa CR, and when I came back, I said to Mum and Tita Cecile and Tita Doris, “Just an FYI… naririnig kayo sa banyo.” Ahahahahaha. Well, nag k-kwentuhan pa kami, and I think we were getting a bit loud for the place, plus we’d been done eating for ages, and so we ended up going to DQ to continue the conversation. Yayy! More ice cream!!! (There was ice cream on top of the fried banana which did not do anything to improve the texture of the batter, but certainly made up for the taste of the fried bananas which could not possibly hold a candle to our turon [aren’t I redundant, can’t really help it].) And more fun talk xD and lots more teasing. Oh boy.

Well, we eventually said goodnight, dropped Tita Cecile off at the hotel, and then made our way home… Oh, she gave us pasalubong!!! Polvoron and Mangorind, and necklaces for me and Yena. Heh, I thought back to what Julie said at CREDO when I got mine… it was one of those strings of chips with magnetic beads at intervals, so that you can wear it different ways. I’ve been wanting one since I was… what, 13? and I’ve always put it off as a want and not a need. :) Thank You, Lord. It was much prettier than any that I’d seen at FMG.

Friday was the feast of the Assumption (and also one of Mommy’s and Tita Fides’ Name Days xD), and we attended the 7:30 Mass at All Saints. The Nadermans, Suchoskis, Kraimers, Gabe and Tito Leo, and our family all sat together in the last four rows, and then we saw the Franciscos up front, and the Almarios were over to the right of the altar, I believe. I later heard Gabe say to Matt (who had not been with his family, because he’d already attended Mass earlier that day), “It was like a CFC party at Mass.” Lol.

After Mass, Gabe and Tito Leo headed home; they were hosting a household. The Franciscos had left before we could say hi. Poor Therese, she has to stay calm for the next few weeks, and so the Suchoskis went home, because she would only have been running around at the mall… We — the Nadermans, Kraimers, Almarios, and ourselves — proceeded to Kenwood Mall Food Court, and just in time, too! They started cleaning up before we were halfway done with our meal. Juli got free chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a (doesn’t that look so weird when you type it somewhere, and yet one is so used to the sign; that doesn’t look weird at all) because they were closing, and so they gave away all the chicken nuggets they had left, and I think she also got lots of free fries. Haha.

The kids started building towers with those triangular ads that they have sitting on each table. Such fun!! At first, they built two, and Aunt Bethany and I started making jokes about them being Barad-dur and Orthanc, and she said they needed to build a third. Haha. Well, the teens over at the other table decided to build a tower also, and it became a contest. Eventually, they, being sore losers, knocked ours over by throwing something. Ah well. They went in to watch a movie, and we re-built it higher than ever. Ahahaha! False alarms! I saw an old man approach the kids, and I immediately went, “Mum! I think nasasabihan na yung mga bata…” Mum looked over. Guess what. Turns out this guy was giving my bros tips on how to make it even higher. Geez, I thought we were gonna get kicked out! It was hilarious.

So the staff were busy cleaning up the food court, right? Well, when the tower got knocked over, rather than come over and tell the kids to quit, one of them stopped working and came over to tell them to build it up again, and when they had quite finished, he stopped again to take a picture with his cell phone. Lolzers so many people stopped to take pics with their cells. It was cute. The kids had a lot of fun, and they were very good and cleaned up after themselves, putting back all the ads they’d gathered from the various tables.

We had a lot of good conversation while we were eating. We counted how many kids we have in our household. There’s FIFTEEN of us!!! Sixteen, come January. Rotfl! I think Mum and Tita Mariko and Aunt Bethany were joking about competing? Well, look, the Kraimers have five, we have four soon-to-be-five, and Aunt Bethany has three and is certainly far from done. Haha! “We’re the most Pro-Life household in the CFC!” xD So funny. And they went into the whole, “Oh no, the kids outnumber the adults!!” etc. etc. something something about us kids getting the big area now, and the adults getting the small room during households… lol. Matt and I certainly have our hands full.

On that note, Matt and I had a good conversation. Let me see… We talked about summer homework, particularly summer reading, ToB homework, the previous weekend, Gabe’s concert, the panel they’d had Thursday the week before at Tita Doris’ house, the Pinedas coming over, the ToB session the next day… plenty =)

We got home at around 10:30ish, and I continued my essay for ToB. Within two minutes of having read it over, the doorbell rang. It was about 1ish. What a shock I had! Vince is taller than me!!! and Kuya Max is now the shortest of the three. After catching up for a few minutes and getting everything upstairs, we all went to bed, exactly 1:12 AM.

I got up at 7 and baked three batches of scones, two with chocolate chips. :D The guys got up at 9ish. Ahh! and then I was like blehhh they’re cold now, and Kuya Max goes, “Well you should’ve woken us up!!!” Muaha. At any rate, they liked the scones :D

We left for Jungle Jim’s after breakfast. Tita Nati and I switched vans. We talked about school and college and Italy and Brazil and the baby… Lots of stuff. Hayy nako, my Godsiblings…

“Is there a jungle gym?”
“Erm… no.”
“What?! Then why is it Jungle Jim’s???”
“Just wait! You’ll see!”
“What IS it??”
“It’s foodie world. It’s a food store.”
“What??? Why are we going to a food store?!”
“Basta you’ll see!”
And when we pulled into the parking lot…
“Omigosh. This place is huge!!!”

We took some pics outside, and then the kids and the adults went their separate ways. Seven kids in one group and four adults in another, one cart for us, two carts for them. So cute. Migi and Yena attached themselves firmly to Kuya Max. So adorable. First stop for the kids were the restrooms. When we got there, Ben was like, “You have got to be kidding me..” and then someone came and opened the door and he was like, “What?!!??!?!” Hilarious. Well, all the guys went in, and Yeni went in with Mum, and I waited outside. (We kids hadn’t bothered getting a cart at this point.)

When everyone came out again, we proceeded straight to the Candy section. We probably spent about 20 minutes there. From there, we went through Produce to the Fish Market (“Can we get on the boat?” “No… sorry…”) where they checked out the tanks, and then we went through the souvenir section (where is that? isn’t the whole place a souvenir store? xD) and on to Sherwood Forest, where we looked over the wall of tea, and then proceeded to the bigger fish tanks. From there, we went through Europe, and stopped to watch The Evolution of the Jungle.

It said 5 minutes till the next show, and we all made a huge show of impatience (all in good fun, of course) and went “boooooooo” every time the “__ minutes” screen came up. When it got to 1, we counted down from 60. So funny; Ben and Max messed up twice and we kept on speeding up and then slowing down again. We were roughly three seconds off by the end of it. Lolzers. Anyway, we finished that up, and then we went towards the freezers, and temporarily lost Kuya Max and the little ones. Turns out they’d stopped to ask Einstein something. Ahahahahaha.

At the freezer section, we got vanilla ice cream and popsicles, then we stopped by the candy section AGAIN, and then went to find chocolate chip cookies to go with the vanilla ice cream for moon pies. Ok, THAT was funny. Kuya Max was asking me what he should get and I said I had no idea, so then he started comparing the weights and the prices. Hayy nako. Oh, and on that note, my Godbrothers kept on throwing out random phrases in tagalog. … They would say stuff like (and these are mostly Ben, sometimes Vince, and occasionally Kuya),
“Ano ka ba, ___?” (sooo funny; Yena would get in front of the cart and Ben, who was pushing it, would say ano ka ba, yena… lol. and he asked for translation, and I’m like what??? You don’t know what you’re saying?? “All I know is that when I say it to my dog, he stays.”)
“Sino ang tatay mo.” (that started at home)
“Mahal kita.” (that would have been from Vince to Ben)
“Dali!!” (Ben)
and “Mabuhay!”
Hmm… I forget what else… lol so there was that. So, yeah, we checked out after we got the cookies. Ahhh indulgence… when we got home, we pooled the candy on Paco’s bedroom floor and took a picture. And then we sat there and ate and ate and shared and ate and shared and shared and didn’t share and ate and ate and… yeah. Hmm… I have the receipt upstairs. I’ll have to edit this post sometime. Ahahaha. (I took care of it cuz I had an unbroken 100 from Ninong and said they could all fix it later.)

We went down and and helped prepare lunch. Team effort! Ninong Renan and Kuya Max and I peeled corn, Daddy manned the grill, Paco and Kuya Max set the table, Ben and Vince kept the little ones occupied, and Tita Nati and Mum took care of everything else. We ate lunch outside. Boiled and grilled corn, hot dogs, kanin, and grilled chicken. Oh, and popsicles!!

Muaha. Since my Godbrothers can’t understand tagalog, I switched from conversation to conversation; the dominantly tagalog one going on between the parents, and the completely english one going on between the kids. So funny. Tita Nati was telling us about Kuya Max’s gf and about how he’d come to her asking permission, and about Ate Amanda’s reaction to Max’s being allowed in high school while she had to wait till college, and Max was just sitting there and I was laughing with the parents, and I didn’t realize that he didn’t know what we were talking about until he asked what was so funny. Lolzers.

Then the games began. I’d gone over to the swing in our backyard, when Kuya Max yelled, “Aisa, come play with us…” and for the rest of the weekend, we played the same games over and over and over again, and never tired of them. First, the boys taught us Animal Master, and then we taught them Watermelon. We helped clean up some of the table, and then gathered in Paco’s room and played some more, and the boys taught us the Hands game. After a few rounds of each game, Kuya Max wanted to teach us yet another, Animal Beater.

We moved the coffee table in the sala and played there for a bit, but then Kuya Max said there should be more space between people, so we took the game outside. Ben had said something already, I think Platypus, but Migi still went for him and bashed him in the face… and Ben collapsed. I got my due for laughing, though; Once, my mind went blank and I just yelled, and Kuya bashed me with the pillow and got my eye xP lol so I had to stand there for a bit and blink before taking my turn in the middle. And every time anyone yelled Hawk and Kuya Max was in the middle, Migi would run for it when he couldn’t think of anything to yell out. My sides ached from laughing watching Kuya chase Migi around the driveway with a pillow. We came inside after a bit and Daddy passed me on my way in and asked, “O. Bakit linabas yung pillow?” “Ah… hehe.. ask Kuya Max?” Hem, we dropped it a few times… and it had a light green pillowcase, too. For the rest of their stay, Animal Master, Hands, and Watermelon became the games of the weekend. And anytime I say “we played games” later in this post, I mean those three games. Haha.

Kuya and Ben and Vince and I all changed our shirts and then we left for ToB. Oh, Vince decided to stay behind with the kids. So it was just me and Ben and Kuya Max and Dad. Ben and Kuya Max commented on how clear the sky was. It really was a lovely day. Ang ganda ng panahon! Perfect. We talked about YFC and BLD and stuff.

Kuya Vin, Gabe, Gloria, Miguel, and Tita Doris were waiting at All Saints. We all went to Confession, and then we went outside to wait and see if anyone else would show up. Meanwhile, we taught Gabe and Gloria and Miguel Animal Master, and played Watermelon also. We left at 4, and the Therapiawans and Matt joined us at Miggy’s house.

ToB went well. Kuya Gabe and I played Freedom for Worship. Ahaha, Kuya Vin said, “Ok, guys, I guess we can start and Matt will just catch up when he gets here,” and Miggy went straight to the TV and started to turn the volume up, and Kuya Vin goes, “Oh… Miguel… heh, we’ll start with the prayer…” We teased him for being so eager to watch :D Lol, we were hyped. Discussion went well, and then we had our closing prayer before going upstairs for dinner.

We ate outside on the deck. Tita Fama served us pasta, barbecue, kanin, and watermelon :D We’d brought corn and the rest of the scones to share with everyone. We had a really great time. There isn’t much to tell… lots of pics, funny conversation, a bit of jamming… etc. The usual.

Everyone had come to pick us up, and we went straight to the Ohio river. We went first to one side, and then to the other side in KY. On the OH side, we saw coons! Four of ’em, right next to the wall! I was trying to get a picture, but it was so dark, I needed to use the flash, and I didn’t want to scare them… but Migi was bolder and got several good pics of them. It was a full moon. So beautiful!

We proceeded to the other side of the river, and sat on the bank. We took lots of pics and played our games again, and then Ben pushed Max for some reason I don’t know and neither does he? but Kuya slipped on the sand and we all yelled, and he was lying on his back laughing. It took us a bit to realize that his foot and hand were bleeding. Out came the First Aid kit. The little ones took to torturing their Kuya Ben for having pushed Kuya Max. Poor Ben :) I think that the time we spent on the KY side of the river was my favorite part of the whole weekend.

Kuya Max rode in our van for the rest of the night after ToB, and so I spent those hours with Ben and Vince. Ben and Vince told me all about the Steubenville Conferences, and we talked about the worship songs that we knew. We had so much fun singing all the stuff with hand motions! Ahahahaha Vince said, “Days of Elijah,” and I was like, “OMIGOSH!!!!!” and then we started singing the chorus and hand-motioning our hearts out. It was hilarious. I asked them if they knew Lord I Lift Your Name On High, and Ben was like, “Sing it,” so I did, and it seemed for a bit like he didn’t, but at about the last two lines of the verse, Ben suddenly burst into the chorus and started going through the motions. Muaha. We sang bits of Shout to the Lord, Here I Am to Worship, How Great Is Our God… and so manyyyy more.

Actually, it started when I was staring out the window. Things were pretty quiet, and I started humming and then singing Everything. About halfway through the second verse, I looked away from the window and stopped abruptly and stared at the boys. Rotfl. They had been bouncing their heads in time to the song. And I stared at them until Ben said, “What?? We like that song…” and then I laughed, and then I asked him to think of a song for me to sing because I couldn’t think of one. Bahhh he told me to sing Before He Cheats. And then when I was done, he said, “That was too easy. Sing *singing*Jesus Take the Wheel*/singing*.” And then later he wanted me to sing Dare You to Move. But first we went through the worship songs.

On our way to Eton(?) Park, we passed by several deer. That was amazing. But wah, it was way too dark to get a decent picture. Ah, and on our way downtown, we were playing Watermelon, and Ben motioned upwards to skip and banged his hand on the roof. My sympathy was short-lived, for soon after he said, “Ow!” he added, “My nails!” which… made… me… crack… up. Hem, my stomach hurt so from laughing. I suppose I should have apologized to Ben, but that was just… *sigh* I guess you had to be there. Anyway. Let me see… ah, we were also talking about family trees. It began… oh, no, wait, I forget how it began. But we were talking about something that eventually led to Ben saying how his friends were the same age as their nieces and nephews, which led to us talking about our family trees, and either his grandma or Tita Nati is from a family of 14 kids, and he goes, “Why is it that Filipinos have so many kids?” “Because Pinoys have a better understanding of the gift of Life than Americans do.” “Dude, she’s deep.” Totoo naman, eh. :)

We got home at around 11ish. Ahhhh so sleeeeepy!!!!!!!!!! but we played games again. When Kuya and Yena both got out, rather than sitting there and watching the rest of the game, Kuya started a new game with Yena. Yeni has been just plain spoilt this weekend :D :D :D or rather, all of us have been. The boys are just totally amazing Kuyas. They’re so patient with Yena and Migi, and so inclusive. Like, while most teens, including myself, would wait until the little ones ask to be included in a game, and sometimes ignore them, the boys were always like, “Hey c’mon, let’s play a game!” and encourage the little ones throughout. Vince had Yena sitting on his shoulders while we were on the OH side of the river. Ben was giving Yena horsey rides (although I think she sat on his back and then made him be a horse and then a lion etc. etc. but he was nice enough not to push her off, lol) and at Mass, she sat between Ben and Vince and I saw her whispering to them, and she asked Ben for help with her sleeve, and he fixed it for her, and when we were all kneeling, she got behind her Kuya Ben and gave him a hug. Haha. Ah, and I heard that while Ben and Kuya and I were at ToB, the kids had a water fight with Vince. Lolzers.

We made our moon pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate chip cookies. Delicioussssss. Paco and Migi wanted to have an archery contest downstairs, but Ben stayed upstairs with Yena and played Animal Master with her, and they gave it all kinds of twists and stuff. It was so amusing watching them. You know how little kids never seem to tire of the same game? I would’ve gotten sooooo tired by the time Yena stood up and made Kuya Ben go downstairs with her, but he was so patient and kept playing with her, Animal Master and Watermelon, over and over again. I was amazed at my sister. One of the twists they gave it was that they would alternate between animals, so you had to remember what the other person was supposed to be next or you’d mess up. And so Ben was alternating between fish and shark, and Yeni was alternating between bunny and unicorn, and she said to Ben, “Ok, so when you do shark, then I do unicorn, but when you do fish, I do bunny,” and I had to pause and think to myself, “Wait, wha? …” Haha I learned a lot about Yena this weekend…

I bade them all goodnight at about 12… and then I understand the boys followed at around 1. I woke up at about 7 so as to beat all the guys to the shower, and promptly went back to bed afterwards. Daddy woke me again at around 8:30, and I allowed myself another half hour before getting up and finding that the boys were just waking. We had a good breakfast, and left around 9:30ish for the 10 o’clock Mass at St. Max. It is a very fun thing to fill up a whole row :D The adults were all at one end, and then we children were all mixed up. We saw the Nadermans after Mass, and I went to say hi to Tita Georgette and I met her sister, Tita Jemma. Samuel Wade didn’t cry when I took him :) *happy*

On our way home —
Ben: Do you know why the sky is blue?
me: The angle of the sun–
Ben: Thank you! Everytime I ask anyone that, they’re always like, “Why?” No one knows but me!
Vince: Wait, why is the sky blue?
Lol. Tag-teaming, we explained. And then I asked Ben if he knew that when you see a rainbow and point it out to a friend, your friend is seeing a totally different rainbow from the one you’re seeing. :) Yay physics! Yay I’m learning! Ahahaha.

We played games when we got home, and then the boys loaded up the car, and we had lunch, and then they left at around 1, and I was sad. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. The rest of the day passed rather slowly… the boys and Yeni went with Daddy to St. John’s and I stayed home with Mum and we talked and stuff, and then she was sleepy, so I took a nap also. I called Dev at some point, and Paolo called before I fell asleep.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and now it’s Monday and I’m down to my last two weeks of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD I’ve got to upload pics to multiply.. I’ll do that when I have time… but here’s a few pics from this weekend :)

me, Kuya Max, Migi, and Vince
Back row: Ben, Yeni, and Paco/ Sitting down: me, Kuya Max, Migi, and Vince
The result of our Jungle Jim's trip
The result of our Jungle Jim's trip
ToB session #5
ToB session #5
JUMP!!! -- Kuya Max
JUMP!!! -- Kuya Max
Kuya Vince giving Yeni a ride
Kuya Vince giving Yeni a ride
ANIMAL MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANIMAL MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pics: http://gukkhser.multiply.com/photos/album/170


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