Senior Pics

HEM, last night, I unloaded exactly 1,580 pictures from Tito Leo’s memory cards. Mhm.

Fortunately, after having run through them once very quickly, I was able to eliminate (that is, move to other folders) all pics that were taken either a) at the General Assembly yesterday, b) at the ToB session on Saturday, or c) at Gabe’s concert on Friday night. Which left me with 1,224 pictures.


So, now, I am slowly going through the remaining 1,224 pictures.

There are currently 371 sitting in the recycle bin.

ANYWAY. I’m taking a little break to share my three favs so far. Yay! :D So click away. Funnnn. lol.

Whoooooops. I have my eyes closed in that last one. Darn xD Oh well. Maybe I have yet to discover one where I kept my eyes open. Lolz.

Isn’t Tito Leo totally insanely amazingly awesomeeee? :)


No, wait!!! I found a better kick!!! lol.



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