Startling Likenesses and Extra Pastries? Yay.

We ran errands, first thing yesterday morning. Our first stop was Panera. It’s not untypical for us to start off our day-of-errands there every now and then, so I recognize a lot of the people working there.

Well, that morning, I was served by this one guy that I have mentally nicknamed Sean. Why on earth? Quite simple really. HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SEAN. No, I’m serious. Minus the piercings, and slightly longer hair, but EXACTLY like Sean. And he even SOUNDS like Sean. I am SO not kidding. It’s not the first time I’ve walked in there and wished that it was Sean. I just doesn’t seem fair that he already looks almost exactly and sounds exactly like Sean and not be Sean.

Ok, ok, I’ve gotten that out of the way.

So. I began my order.

me: I need… one orange scone… two bacon and spinach souffles.. (*mentally counting*) waaiiit… that’s three people…
“Sean”: Oh, you got sent in for people??
me: Hmm? Oh, yeah. There’s five of us. Ah, yes, and I’ll need two croissants and… a chocolate crumb pastry, please.
“Sean”: And this is all to go, I’m assuming?
me: Yes, thank you.
“Sean”: So who sent you in?
me: Oh, haha, my mom and my three siblings.
“Sean”: They couldn’t come in?
me: Well, we’re kind of in a hurry, and if they come inside, they’ll be running around and stuff…
“Sean”: Ah, that’s true. So, I’ve got an orange scone… *reviews order*
me: Mhm… oh, wait, two croissants.
“Sean”: Ah, yes. Gotcha. Ok. Anything else?
me: Nope, that’s it.

So “Sean” goes off to pack up my order and I’m mentally reviewing the order one more time/counting change.

“Sean”: So which one is yours?
me: Hmm? Oh, the chocolate crumb pastry. *goes back to counting change/reading the coffee menu*
“Sean”: *hands me the bag*
me: Thanks.
“Sean”: There’s an extra crumb pastry in there.
me: Wai, wha?
“Sean”: Just for being cool.
me: Oh… ok… thank you!

Lolzers. I saved the extra one and had it later in the afternoon. Yumm.

I still wish it was really actually Sean, though… heh.


One comment

  1. i want a guy who looks like a guy i know working the counter at some cool food place so i can get free food just for being cool.

    life just isn’t fair. ;P

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