My New Favorite YouTube Finds

Seriously. I guess this would make some people embarrassed to be Pinoy. (If they feel that way, then I don’t think they should be Pinoy at all. *nods*) But for my part, it just makes me happy to be Pinoy. So proud of my country. Hahaha that may seem like a really weird, insane thing to get out of watching this thing… Anyway. I think this is why Pinoys don’t get depressed. Only Pinoys would think of doing something like this.

This one is the one I found funniest so far —

And this is my personal fav —

Gosh, I love that song SO much. Hahahahahaha.

And I also like all the random appearances in the background by the mother(? sister? what?). Rotflwtime.

These guys are my new de-stress-ers.



  1. Judging by your laughter last night I would have said your fave was the spiceguys one (I forget the title).

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