Work It Out

The title of this particular post corresponds with the section of my assigned-TOB-chapter-of-the-week that I happen to be working on. Assignment #4 is requiring me to read, not only JPII’s audience of 10/10/84, but also Humanae Vitae and Gaudium et Spes, neither of which I’ve actually read through before. Bad me. Hem. I simply felt like sharing.


One comment

  1. The first time I actually read Humanae Vitae, rather than just being told about it, was a real eye-opener. I couldn’t believe how clearly argued and carefully presented it was! It really made me wonder what ELSE I had been told about “stodgy, outdated, out-of-touch” papal teachings was wrong, too.

    I found out that the lack of joy in so many Catholics’ lives stems in large part from their conscious rejection of truth and too much conformity with the lies of our culture. That wears at the soul, and too many people don’t even realize what the problem is.

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