Joy Ride

Quick update. I haven’t that much to say, of course, because I wasn’t really *there* and I didn’t have internet access for all three days of Conference.

But I will say that it brought back memories. And it brought back some of the strength, and the peace, and the hope, and the joy.

Was that Brother Ian leading worship? I thought it looked/sounded like him. Or maybe I was totally wrong. Hahahaha.

Anyway… I really really wish I could’ve been there. But I think I see part of the other plans that God had for me. Because I didn’t go to Conference, I spent time talking to Mum, Dad, my siblings, Brothers, Sisters, Titas, Titos, Lolas, Lolos, Ninong… among other people. And I had things to say and things to share, sometimes Conference-related, sometimes not. And they had things to say and things to share. I learned a lot that weekend, from everybody and about everybody. God brought me on a different sort of joy ride. :)

‘Course I’m CRAZY JEALOUS after looking at all the pics that my Bros and Sisters posted… hahahaha jk jk. I’m glad they got to go. Praise God! I don’t think I’ll be able to go next year, but I hope I can make the 16th!!! And who knows… do the Youth in Rome have an annual Conference? Cuz if they do… I guess I might be there next year… oh SNAP…


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