Culture of Death

Nope, this isn’t one of those profound, beautifully-worded, sound-in-logic, everything-you’ve-never-wanted-to-face but it’s-forcing-you-to-face-it, life-changing essays or something. It is, however, research for the, hopefully, profound, beautifully-worded, sound-in-logic, everything-you’ve-never-wanted-to-face but it’s-forcing-you-to-face-it, life-changing essay that is on the way. I think.


Granted this survey is fairly old, and I have to find a more recent one (this is the closest I’ve come yet), but I just wanted to comment on the things that popped out at me (and no, I have not subjected myself to reading any of the personal stories at the bottom, save the first one; that was quite enough for me):

Part I

7. (Religion) Yeah. I’m, like, very disturbed by the 22.3% that say they’re Christian.

9. (Political Alignment) I suppose I am not entirely surprised by those numbers.

10 (Were you financially able to support yourself at the time of your abortion?) & 11 (If you answered no, was that a factor in your decision to have an abortion?). I think it a perfectly appropriate time to quote Eric. “[W]hatever happened to believing that God will provide?” But I am slightly heartened by this next question, that shows that, even though some of the 73% may have simply had a not-super-mature view on the Gift of Life, they had some idea of it.

12. (If you had been able to support yourself fully at the time of your abortion, so that you could have afforded anything essential for yourself and a baby, including daycare, would you still have had the abortion?) The 55% give me hope.

Part II

3. (Why did you choose to have an abortion?) So 48% doubted their capability of such a responsibility, so I guess a lot of those were the 30% that thought they were too young, same thing in some respects; I notice that a relatively small percentage (not that that lessens the horrors of murder) “already had children and did not want more” so it’s ‘nice’ to know they had enough appreciation for Life to not want it at all, but very clearly, they still have a rather twisted idea of it, that it’s the sort of thing they can just decide if they want to keep or not, so I’m guessing these people don’t have a very clear idea of when Life begins; I am extremely bothered by the being-pressured-into-it part; do you notice the EXTREMELY small number that said they had medical complications? and that the same number were victims of rape? very small number; compare that to the extreme self-centeredness of the ones who were convinced that “having a child would disrupt [their] lives too much” and “would have interfered with [their] plans for the future”; I have extreme pity for those that “did not want others to know about [their] pregnancy”; and SUPER extreme pity and MANY prayers for the 60% whose supposed significant others “did not want to be involved in raising [him/her].” (I REFUSE to call a child “it” in these terms.)

Moving on, moving on.

5. (What was his reaction?) Are you seeing this? Happy? Somewhat happy?

Surprised?? Of course they’re surprised; everything was probably being done to prevent any such thing occurring. *rme*

6. (Did the father of the baby offer any encouragement towards keeping the pregnancy going?) MAJOR *ouch* and MAJOR *disgust*

7. (Did you tell him you wanted to continue the pregnancy?) Yay!!! More actually wanted to!!! But…

8. (If yes, what was his reaction?) Most were “slightly upset.” Almost as many were “very angry.” And not far behind comes just plain “mad.” And I am furious.

9. (Did he suggest an abortion?) Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

10. (If he did suggest an abortion, what was your reaction?) 82% were hurt. and 10% were very angry. I should hope so. What kind of a man, a REAL man, would suggest such a thing?

19. (Think about your basic feelings concerning your abortion before it occurred, as compared to your feelings now. Then look at the choices below, and select the best one.) 51% said unhappy then and unhappy now; you were expecting?

25. (What were your general feelings after the abortion?) Ah. Equal numbers in ‘relief’ and ‘guilt’ and it seems ‘regret’ and ‘depression’ are not so far behind.

26. (What are your general feelings now about the abortion?) Of course you feel loss. It was LIFE.

27. (How how has your relationship with the partner responsible for the pregnancy been since the abortion?) Ah. For you 81% that broke up, I think you will be heartened by a good book. May I suggest Real Love by Mary Beth Bonnaci? Perhaps it will throw some light on matters.

29. (If the relationship did break up, do you feel the abortion was a factor?) Obviously.


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