The 4th of July Weekend

Da dada da daaaaaaaaaaaa, da dada da daaaaaaaaaa, da dada da daaaaa dada da daaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa…. (trust me, my ringtone is actually quite catchy)

12:48 AM, July 4th.

Actually, I wasn’t asleep, yet. Unc told us he’d be arriving at 1, 2 AMish, so I’d meant to stay up. I was already lying down, but still had my lamp on. I went to pick up the phone because I thought it might be Unc.

me: Hello? (Emergency ba ‘to???)
Paolo: Happy 4th of July!!!
me: … You called me at this time of morning to say Happy 4th of July???


Turns out he needed to get up at 8, so we only talked for a few minutes. I fell asleep after that. Bah.

I heard Unc arrive, but I didn’t hear the doorbell ring, actually. I just heard him talking to Dad. Something about kamusta yung drive, etc. etc., ok naman, etc. etc. Or maybe I was dreaming. ANYway.

Friday was mostly jamming. Hindi ko na maalala kung namasyal kami… Parang namasyal nga kami, hindi ko lang maalala kung saan… bleh. Moving on, moving on. I slept early, actually. Around 8ish. I understand that everyone else stayed up and watched Ocean’s 12. I woke up at around 11:30 and they were still awake, I could hear them yelling. Oh, so yeah, I didn’t watch any fireworks on the 4th. I’d gotten my fill the night before.

SATURDAY we went to CAM, and then to Chopsticks for lunch, and then Unc and Mama and I went to IKEA, and then we all went to Mass, and then Daddy and Mama and Unc and I went shopping. Muahaha 50% sale at Goodwill. Pure heaven. …. Erm, ‘cept that I must’ve had some 30 skirts in the cart (we always do it that way — get everything and then eliminate) and then I asked Dad to go through them and get rid of all the ones he did not like, and then I’d eliminate from there. Lolz, Daddy got rid of pretty much everything. Oh, no, every single one of them was decent enough. It was the color Daddy didn’t like. :) He doesn’t like dark stuff on me (like the dress I got last time That criteria eliminated all blacks, dark blues, dark purples, and darker reds. He also got rid of a light gray, ankle-length skirt, with lovely black velvet flowers on it… Too gray, he said? Ah well. The same went with the blouses. *cough* In the end, I let Daddy pick it all. Which landed me with a lovely, rich red knee-length gypsy skirt, a (light!!) blue skort, a jean jumper, a red long-sleeve top, and a flowery pink/white/yellow/light red/orange blouse. Thanks, Dad!!! :D Mum and I smiled over it afterwards. I do suppose I have enough dark stuff as it is. At any rate, I quite love what Daddy picked out for me.

Saturday night, Mum was well enough for a little jamm session. :) I tuned my guitar to the piano, and we played… oh my, we did a lot. Came to My Rescue, Lord I Give You My Heart, Hosanna, To the Ends of the Earth, Here I Am to Worship, and then Daddy requested Breathe… Mum felt tired, but she sat on the couch and sang with me. Daddy asked for Prince of Peace, By Your Side, Grace Like Rain, Your Grace Is Enough… I can’t remember what else. I think Harana, and before dinner, the kids had sung Now That You’re Near with me. Afterwards, I joined Mum on the couch and had a nice talk with her while the kids were on the computer, Mama was upstairs, and Daddy and Unc were doing something. After Rosary, we watched almost all of Part I of RotK (the extended).

Sunday morning, Mum and I cleaned some of the study, and Daddy and Unc and Paco and I finally mounted the mirrors in the basement. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can’t wait to do forms down there!!!!!!! It was so awesome, working with Dad (and the rest of the guys, of course) like that. Daddy and I don’t really have big projects like that, anymore… I mean, we’ve put together at least 3 bookshelves since we’ve moved here, but our projects that were more or less from scratch — I think the kitchen island definitely counts as one of those! — have been few. There’s a satisfaction in the measuring, the marking, the leveling, and the drilling, as opposed to assembly-required-and-here-are-the-instructions.

Lunch… lunch had best be described by Mommy. Go read her post. NOW. It is essential that you do so for this narrative to be complete.

Unc left after lunch — after family pics in the backyard, that is. The rest of the day was really just normal stuff… laundry… ohey! I tried out a new recipe for dinner xD That was funnn. The joys of cooking over an open flame… lovely. And since Mother’s been pregnant, I’ve become much more comfortable with the wok. In fact, it is now officially my favorite pan, and the cast iron skillet has been bumped into 2nd place. :D Oh and I talked to Dev for a little over an hour :D :D :D but what we talked about is between her and me. Muahaha.

I went to bed at around 11ish… oh… wait.

Da dada da daaaaaaaaaaaa, da dada da daaaaaaaaaa, da dada da daaaaa dada da daaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa….

Oh. There goes my catchy ringtone. What time is it?

11:34 PM

me: Hello?
Paolo: No, I did not bump into any stop signs.

Happy… 6th… 7th, pala… of July. Lolz.



  1. I want to jamm with your Uncle!!!!! :] Yayy I was in the photo-link-of-dark-dress, haha. Anyways, sounds like you had so much funn last weekend!! ^_^

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