When was the last time I blogged this late? Hahaha. Anyway. I’m in a fairly good mood tonight. Currently chatting with Amanda, Eric, Sarah, Liz, Andy, and Gello. *happy*

So Amanda’s going out with Mexican Tom, Eric attempted to get away from “the evils of this world” by going “back to God’s creation” for 48 hours… and lasted for 17 (hey, I applaud him, I’d like to try that myself if I didn’t have doubts about lasting till midnight alone)… Sarah says Kristy and Aaron have broken up (why on earth…) and that they might be getting back together, also filling me in on the closing of the Avoca school, Liz and I are trying to find time to hang out, preferably in the next two weeks, Andy just got back from South Carolina, and Gello is babysitting.

Yesterday, I went out to dinner with Paolo and Nate :) Funnnnnnn xD Oh, and the waitress said she’d never seen a girl go three times, so HAH. Even if my servings were a lot smaller than the boys’… :P

Oh, and now I’m chatting with Paolo. Except now he’s gone. Haha. Nvm, then. And Nate does not seem to actually be there. Lolz. Oh! and now he is there. (You do realize this paragraph was written spread over two minutes of “hi’s”.

ALRIGHT I’m going to bed. ‘night, yo’s


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