a random update

I was talking to Mum yesterday and it came to my attention that I write in my journal very rarely, and that it’s been about two-and-a-half weeks since I blogged for the fun of it. I guess that really isn’t a super long time, but I thought I’d take a break from Chem and write… now let me see, what exactly did I want to write? Sheesh. Uhm…

Well, Mama’s been here since Saturday :) Dad and the kids left on Friday night and got back Saturday afternoon. :D She’ll be here while Unc’s here!!!! Yayyyyy!!! Oh, and yes, Unc’s arriving Thursday night/Friday morning. *super insanely hyper* He sent me a bunch of tabs a few weeks back, and I now have Stolen by Dashboard Confessional stuck in my head… hahaha. Oh, and I am also loving Your Guardian Angel — Red Jumpsuit Apparatus :) I think Unc’s leaving the 6th. So I’ve canceled all plans with friends etc. for that weekend. xD I can’t wait to jamm!!!!!!!

Now let me see… what else is new… Ah, I was on the phone with Kim for 20 minutes yesterday afternoon. Very uncharacteristically short of us. *nods* And that morning I talked to Paolo for a couple hours or so. I guess that would be uncharacteristically long of us. Erm…

We missed the GA on Sunday, because Mum ended up having to go to the hospital for a few hours. She’s fine, and the baby’s fine, and she’s been up and about all morning :D which is great, and I for one am in a much better mood for it. I understand that the TOB preview went well, as did the GA. It’s too bad we missed Tito Madz’s teaching, but I hope we’ll see him soon… Ah, and they prayed over Kuya Vin, and also over Mum, I understand. :) I love our CFC family. I think we’ll be starting the TOB sessions on the 19th, and they’ll be every Saturday. I don’t know how many weeks the CFC determined we’d be having it for… They originally said 12 weeks, but I don’t know if they went with that after all. Oh and I heard Miguel was there, bother! I wanted to see him, haha.

Ah, we went to the Pancake House for Paco’s birthday on Thursday. Yes. Paco is now 12. Where did the years go?? Haha. And would you believe? He finished his entire order!!! Oh, wait, no, I take that back… Mum did have one of the pancakes, but ONLY one. Which means Paco had all of his bacon and scrambled eggs and two pancakes besides. I’m proud to say I had my whole Belgian Waffle with chocolate chips, and all of the cream on top. (*argh* allergies… lolz.) I did not finish my hot chocolate, though. Paco finished his. *squirms* Do you know how uncomfortable it is to think that he can actually eat more than me now? It’s depressing!!!!!! Hahahaha.

Oh so hey! I found out that I can go for an MA in Theology without having done a BA in it, as long as I get between a 3.0 and 4.0 GPA during my BA. Sounds good! So that changes plans… xD Super hyper. And Steubie requires that for the first semester, I either live on campus or in Rome. I’m thinking I want to go to Rome. Argh! A whole semester in Rome!!!!! That would be totally amazing.

I think I’m more or less set to spend the week of October 15 – 22 in AZ with Dev :) I can’t wait.

Daddy and the boys will be going home for about 10 days in November. I’m very excited for them. Hindi pa umuuwi si Migs, and Paco was only a baby, of course he doesn’t remember. I wish I could go, too, but… ah well. I went two years ago. Figures I can go after college or something. Hey, and Kuya Jom’s planning on coming here in December/January!!! He’ll be in MO, so we’ll definitely get to chill. I haven’t seen him since ’97. Wonder if I’m taller yet… lolz. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that a lot of the petitions got approved all at the same time. So Tita Nene’s here for good, and I think Tito Allan and Tito Edwin will be coming, also? I’m so excited!!! I love Tito Allan :) I wonder how Tito Nato’s farm is doing…


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