Laying It Down

I do not consider myself to be a very political person. I am not up on all the issues. I am quite ignorant of plenty. I’d make a fool of myself attempting to debate any of my former elem school classmates.


Some time ago, I overheard a conversation between two acquaintances. “So, if you were old enough to vote, who would you vote for?” “I don’t know… I can’t decide between Obama and McCain.”

Wait, whaaa?? Is there really any choice there?

I told Dev about it, and she pointed out that for anyone to even consider McCain makes them at least somewhat Conservative. Honestly. But then how can one not decide between Obama and McCain; they’re at totally opposite ends of the spectrum!

And I said to my dad, this is how I view it: I may not be sufficiently informed about most of what the government is dealing with here, but there is one issue in particular that I make a point of being up on. That issue is Life and here is why — This is what it’s all about! We’re humans! Living! Breathing! Alive! If we weren’t Alive, then no one would be having any debates over anything! The whole point is that we’re alive and we’ve got lives to live, and that’s where everything else comes in. We are alive, we decide we want to live our lives a certain way, and that’s where all the other issues start, BUT! That’s just it!

LIFE is the fundamental issue.

A person’s view on Life influences all their other decisions. Doesn’t it make sense? Take the level of respect a person has for life. If they’ve got plenty of respect for it, they’ll realize that war destroys innocent lives and try to avoid it. If they’ve got none, then all they’ll care about is making their point and winning the war and they don’t care how many people die as a result of it. The same goes on a smaller scale; one person who has the correct respect for another person gets into a fight with someone, say. They can either be honorable about it, argue, maybe have to back down, give in, walk away if things get too heated, or what, OR, they can ‘fight dirty’; they can gossip, they can work to ruin the person’s reputation, etc.

No, don’t say I went from talking about Life to person-to-person situations. Haven’t we got that down? They’ve got a life to live, and everything they believe (or don’t believe) about what Life is is going to affect how they live it.

I talked it over with Mum, too. I realize that it’s my responsibility as a US citizen to have a basic understanding of the economy’s probs, and I’ve got to work on educating myself if I want to be able to have a decent debate. But Mum also pointed out what I’ve been thinking — that it’s wrong for people to look at all these issues and weigh them all on the same level. My challenge now is to have that basic understanding of all those other issues, and then being able to bring them back to the fundamental issue — that is, Life.

Maybe, just maybe, say, there’s this one issue that Obama’s actually arguing for the better option. I wouldn’t even consider it. This — — totally rules him out, because it shows how he will be influenced in other decisions; he clearly has no understanding or respect for Life, and it follows that he will not be inclined to make the better decisions.

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Just want to link to two of Courtney’s posts —

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