Fun Friday

What a pathetic title :) but that’s what yesterday was; quite simply, fun. (As you can see, I am taking to heart the humans-like-to-complicate-things when they-don’t-have-to-be-so-complicated truth.)

Now let me see… exactly what happened yesterday?

Got up sort of early, did some gardening. Very nice, very nice. I think I transplanted 12 to-be-pretty flowers. Unfortunately, I think a couple might have been destroyed that same day, because a bunch of people came and fixed the part of our lawn that they’d messed up ages back when they were replacing some pipe or whatnot, and they might not have paid any attention to my back-breaking (seriously, you crouch over and you are not sitting down comfortably on the grass because there is no grass underneath you to sit comfortably on, because you just happen to be crouching over in the area that those people messed up months ago and if you sit down you will sit down on sharp and annoying weeds, and who wants to sit on sharp and annoying weeds? Thus, you manage as best you can crouching over, and wish you’d done this side first rather than the other side where you were sitting quite comfortably on the pavement…) work. But oh well! The point is, I helped mum get that much more done, and I think we shall be done by the end of next week!

Moving on, moving on.

I got to sit down for a bit and have a nice talk with Mum. It was considerably shorter than usual, and recently they’ve mostly been shorter than usual because Mummy is not feeling well enough to laugh about much, but that is ok. The point is, I got to sit and talk with her :) and we went on a date a couple days ago (yum yum yum, I had Greek pizza :D with spinach, tomatoes, and feta) and talked about plenty.

After my nice talk with Mum, I went upstairs to clean my room and managed to finish half. (I can finish the other half today! Yay!) When I got bored with cleaning, I did my American Gov and World History reading, and made my way downstairs to work on an essay, hunt for some tabs, do laundry, chat with Paolo, and pick the songs for worship. Oh, and somewhere between all that, I fed the kids lunch.

After feeding the kids dinner, Daddy and Yeni and I went to Tita Miemie’s house for our household. Kuya Justin joined us for worship, but Kuya Junix was sleeping. Yena, Harry Steve, Christian, and I played a game Yena brought (Hulabaloo? or something like that? hahaha like a kiddy version of Twister ‘cept no spinner and thingy that calls out where to go and what to do to get there…), and then when they got tired of that, we played Star Wars Monopoly. :) That was lots of fun. Haha. And then it was time to eat and there were Ritz crackers and tuna-and-mayo spread and cookies and polvoron and dried mangoes and orange juice and lemonade, and the dried mangoes got all finished up xD but Tita Miemie sent the polvoron home to Aunt Bethany and Mummy (WHOOPS! I haven’t given them to her, yet!!!). We had the most interesting conversation (that is, Dad, Uncle Eric, Tita Miemie, Tito Mario, and I, while Christian and Yeni and Harry Steve ran around) about the Philippines, Rome, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan… we talked about the food, the customs, the historical sites… lots of stuff. I asked what Uncle Eric and Tito Leo had had for breakfast in China :P muaha, they had conji, and Uncle Eric did not like it at all… but Tito Leo had it (oh, and there, that was part of the conversation, how it really is an acquired taste).

It was still rather light out when we got out, so I asked Dad if I could drive home. Ahaha, he did not tell me I’d be going on the highway, and it was dark by the time I got there… so there, my first experience night-driving on the highway. That was funnnnnnnn!!!!! but I don’t think I could do it with Mummy, yet. Hehe.

Got home, checked email/multiply/facebook, and then Mum showed me the “Apologize” music video and said that she might use it for Theology of the Body.

I think this is one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while. The symbolism is beautiful; the wholeness… and then the brokenness… it’s horrible. Mum and I talked about how sad it is that this is the song of the decade because so many people can relate; it says a lot about just how much pain and emptiness there is in this world, how broken people are. We talked about how sad it is that people go into relationships practically expecting that they’ll get hurt at some point; isn’t that terrible? People are aching for the Truth about Love, and they can’t seem to find it! It’s not that Love never hurts; it’s that there’s so much meaningless pain going on. I guess we’ll discuss that more in-depth this summer.

We also watched the winner of the cover contest —

I don’t like what she’s wearing, but she’s really good. Very impressed. I love how simply she does it, but there’s so much expression in her voice.

Oh, and then we ended up watching One Republic with David Archuleta.

And then we prayed the rosary.

It was exactly 11:01 when I climbed into bed and called Gella. We talked for 40 minutes, and some of that was with Gello, but anyway, I just wanted to blog about this really funny part…

So, when I called, I was like, “Gella? Tulog na ba kayo?” “Hindi, hindi, nandito pa kami… we’re at Noella’s house…” and it turns out they were celebrating one of the ‘rent’s birthdays, so she and Noella and Amanda and Gello and Mico were all downstairs. I heard the boys going, “who’s that, who’s that,” “It’s Ate Aisa,” and then she put me on speaker… and then she and Gello start fighting over me! Rotflwtime it was hilarious. I can’t remember how it began, but…

Gella: She loves me.
Gello: Well, she loves me, too!
Gella: Yeah, well, she loves me more!
Gello: No, she doesn’t, she loves me more!!!
Gella: Nu uh, she was my Ate first!
Gello: Only ’cause she saw you first, and then she saw me, and then she fell in love with me!!!
Gella: No, she didn’t! First she fell in love with God and then she fell in love with *blank* and then she fell in love with me!! In like a sisterly way, but —
Gello: Yeah and then she fell in love with me!

Mhm… they went on for some time… and eventually they were both like, “Ate, you love me more than Gello/Gella, right?” I just laughed. And then Gella goes, “Ate, you should be enjoying this.. we’re fighting over you… can you hear us? (haha yeah) we love you too much, Ate…” It was just so funny. So at 11:40ish, I said goodnight, and Gella goes, “Goodnight, Ate, love you (love you, too, hun, goodnight)… oh, wait, Ate, wait! Gello wants to say something to you.” ? “‘Night, I love you… and you love me more than you love my sister, right?”


I went straight to sleep after hanging up.

Oh, but I was just at Walmart about half an hour ago, and I’d just walked in and then my cell goes off. It’s Gella’s cell, but it turns out it’s Gello. “Ate, can you tell my sister to go swimming with me? She won’t take me swimming.”

Ahh they’re just awesome, hahaha. It is so nice to be an Ate. :)

Which reminds me… Migi and Daddy are camping right now… and I know Migi’s been very difficult this week, but the house seems so horribly quiet without him. Yena and Paco don’t roughhouse… Yena just plays in Migi’s room and Paco stays in his room, and Mummy is down here with me, but she is in the sala and I am in the study, and the house is just… quiet. And then Paco is going camping for a whole week. Busy, busy…

Oh, and Kuya Vin’s in the hospital! Your prayers, please! In fact, I need to go send out an email…


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  1. Ais, I would like to note that it’s Monday morning as I type this, and I have yet to hear ONE MENTION of this polvoron you’re talking about in this post. :-!

    And it’s congee, dear.

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