Just another dose of Pinoy pride :)

Hehe, this is really of no importance, I suppose… but I was going through my booklet from CREDO and then looking online for the tabs to all the songs I learned there. It just occurred to me that every time I have gone searching for any tab, I almost always come across a version tabbed by a Pinoy. How do I know? Simple. They leave notes/tips/disclaimers at the top or on the bottom in tagalog. It just amuses me… and it hits me that what Ninong Alvin says is true — that Pinoys have a thing for sitting down and tabbing stuff by ear; they hate, they scorn, they disdain hunting for chords on the internet.

xD No offense to the Pinoys that aren’t like that, of course, cuz I’m one of them that hasn’t the time, patience, or skill to try and tab stuff by ear… Now that I think about it, that’s a really good exercise. It trains your ear. Gee, guess I’ll have to do some Pinoy-style tabbing when I’m done with high school… lol.


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