Just Keep Smiling

May was a make-or-break month for me, fo sho.

I went through a lot this month. Some of it was alone, some of it was with people. The biggest trial was, I think, a particular conversation I had the other day with a very good friend. It was one of those conversations that could have gone one way or the other; it could’ve ended in a total mess, or in a deep and satisfying peace.

And it ended in peace.

Right now, I just want to praise God.

I praise Him for all the challenges.
For all the trials.

I praise Him for a successful PreConference for the North Central region.
I praise Him for all the Brothers and Sisters I met, and for all the Brothers and Sisters that I grew closer to as a result of this past month, especially this past Saturday.
I praise God for a successful Leaders’ Training for Louisville,
and for a successful Covenant Orientation for both Louisville and Cinci.
I praise Him for sending His Spirit to lead the Music Ministry of the YFC Cincinnati.
I praise and thank Him for the inspiration and example given by Ate Mary Grace and Kuya Ray, and Ate Steph and Kuya Mark.

I praise Him for my parents.
I praise Him for my siblings.
I praise Him for my relationship with my Mom.

I thank God for my Sisters,
especially the Ates that I can go to for absolutely anything, who understand where I’m coming from, who can share with me their wisdom gained through experience, and sometimes from their own heartaches.
I thank Him for my Brothers,
and especially for Brothers who are Real, who protect me, who guard my heart, who help me get back on the right track when I’m getting weak, who bring to my attention those weaknesses, who force me to face my mistakes so that I might learn from them and grow in my strength, my understanding, and my trust and hope in the Lord.

I praise and thank Him for true Peace and true Love.

I praise Him for the message He gave us through Ate Angela and Kuya Jeff.

Peace and Looooooooveeee, yo! (:D :D :D Keep Smiling!!! :D :D :D)


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