Mother is giving me hw via Facebook.


Mummy writes on my wall and gives me hw assignments.

Don’t you wish your mother was as freakin’ cool as mine?!?!!?!

So here’s what she had me read, but then I clicked on stuff which led me on several rabbit trails. Ah well.

I am so in love with this article; I want ALL my friends to read it.!

And this next one is the sort of thing that makes me hate life on this earth so much… but then it also makes me want to DO something… to make my voice heard!!! not for me, but for my Faith! Makes me think of that song… “WE WERE MEANT TO LIVE FOR SO MUCH MORE!!!! Have we lost ourselves???” Anti-Catholicism IS the only generally accepted prejudice; who can deny it??

Heh, so I was actually very much ignorant of the origin of “Goodbye” and that “Good Friday” is actually incorrect. From now on, I intend to make a point of saying “God be with ye” and correctly calling the day God died “God’s Friday” and I shall also always say “Happy Holy Days” and see if anyone wonders if they heard what they just heard. :P Like, you know, maybe they’ll think they misheard me or something. Who says Happy Holy Days? Maybe it’ll sound like I have a British accent for a split second.

Perhaps the only complaint I have about Sister Mary Martha is that sometimes, I am not entirely sure if she is being sarcastic or not…

Noting that I don’t totally agree with this guy, I feel like he’s having a major go at Catholicism. Heh, unfortunately [for him, I think], he says a lot that actually supports Catholicism and, to me, is exactly what I want to hear… and some of the events he describes are exactly what I want to be happening.

Kass has a problem not just with longevity and health but with the modern conception of freedom. There is a “mortal danger,” he writes, in the notion “that a person has a right over his body, a right that allows him to do whatever he wants to do with it.”

Seriously, I gotta learn more about this guy.

I already read a more detailed brochure on this, but that focused simply on the immorality of embryonic stem cell research without specifically mentioning the teachings of the Catholic Church. But put ’em together and that brochure and this article make for a pretty complete picture.


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