Household Leaders’ Training 101

Hehe, so, incidentally, we’re giving Louisville their Household Leaders’ Training this weekend… and I have a talk to finish preparing before tomorrow night, but that’s not what this post is about… this post is about the Household Leaders’ Training I’m going through at present…

Today has been a wake-up call for me, and I’m taking 10 minutes off of American Gov to blog about it. Eh, wala lang, it just really hit me today… I was cleaning the kitchen/doing laundry/cooking lunch all at the same time, and it hit me na, come August, my typical day will be this, especially with Mummy being more pregnant than she is now xD Haha. I won’t have to worry about Pre-Calc, I won’t have to worry about Stoichiometry, I won’t have to worry about crash-coursing Physics… September is when all my real training begins. That’s major incentive for getting through this summer ;)

This is a totally new experience for me. Last time Mummy was pregnant, we had to get a babysitter. I wasn’t old enough to take care of the kids. Now I am. Now my chore list written up by Daddy includes cooking for the kids on time, etc. This is my mommy training time.

As I was washing dishes, I was thinking to myself, huh… come August, ito na lang ang kailangan ko gawin… pag tapos nako ng high school, ito na ang magiging buhay ko. And it’s true… I want to be a mom, don’t I? I want to run a household, don’t I? All I’ll have to do is clean the house all day, right? Hahaha.

So, here’s the plan — Finish up high school and get my license by August, and then work until whenever we leave, take voice, maybe attempt to save up for a laptop… or a car… or for college in general, yeah… serve in the YFC, and be ‘second mommy’ to the kids.

I had the music on while I was doing the housework… This is my song, Lord.

Oh sabi nila may anting anting ako,
Pero di nila alam na ang Diyos ang dahilan ko!


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