Pentecost & Mothers’ Day

I would like to announce to the world that… I AM GOING TO BE AN ATE FOR THE FOURTH TIME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squealing in freakish super hyper happiness*

Seriously, I have been jumping up and down all over the place. It’s insane. It’s crazy. It’s like WOW. God is good. God is AMAZING!

I’ve been on the phone with Michelle and Nate and Paolo and Sarah and Sean and Kim and I’ve just been squealing my heart out. I’d call Dev, but I think it’s past 9 at her house, so… I will just have to wait till tomorrow to call her. *squirming with impatience*

Now, I’m off to announce it to the facebook world xD


One comment

  1. What a beautiful Mother’s Day gift from God!!!!!!! I’m sooo excited for you guys, Aurora!!!!!!!

    I bet you’re literally jumping up and down. Or givin’ out your biggest smile when you’re not. Or just thinking in your head how things don’t get much better than this!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

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