“So, you say human sin nailed Jesus to the cross… Care to explain?”

Thank you for that comment.

Left by someone with a name that might as well be synonymous to anonymous, but thank you for the challenge, whoever you are.

As it is, I can’t ‘explain.’ I don’t pretend to be a Theology major or something.

All I know is this simple Truth —

That Jesus Christ was the One Perfect Sacrifice, that He died ONCE and for all for ALL sins; how could it make sense otherwise? If He had not died for ALL sins, then how could there only be one sacrifice? Thus, the sins that I commit today, that I have committed in past, and that I have yet to commit and as of now know nothing about, were on God’s shoulders 2000 years ago when He entered the Time He had created and sacrificed Himself for me, for the debt I ought to owe.

I say He entered the Time He created — He entered the world He created, and subjected Himself to the torture inflicted by His creation. He could have blown away all mankind with one breath; He could have destroyed the entire universe; He could have made the cross and the nails and the ones who were about to drive the nails through his wrist, disappear. But He did not. Because He was the Creator, He it was and He alone that enabled His own sacrifice. He allowed it to happen.

And He did it all out of Love.

It doesn’t matter that I was technically ‘not born yet’ 2000 years ago. My sin was present during His Passion. My sin drove Him to the cross. My sin nailed Him to it, because He is Lord of all creation, because He willed His creation to destroy His Human Body, because He did this to redeem all sins of all sinners, because when He entered this world, He did so with the ultimate purpose of dying… and RISING. I caused His Agony. I cause His Agony. I will continue to cause His Agony.

But it has already been erased.

So there. And on a side note, but not totally random side note, yes it’s all been erased, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need the Sacraments. That doesn’t mean we don’t need the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And I have another post due on something along those lines… hopefully by next Wednesday, I think.


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