Post-Camp — Sunday, 2/17

At first, I thought that the ST was going to have the ST meeting over lunch, like last time. It turns out, we’d be having the ST meeting on Friday at Gabe’s house. This new knowledge was problematic. I had assumed that the ST meeting was over lunch, and so I had told my parents that they did not need to pick me up after Camp, that I would simply ride with Kuya Vin to Mass and then to lunch/ST meeting, and then be dropped off at Tita Cynthia’s house afterwards.

None of that actually happened. Or at least, not exactly that way.

Basically, Tito Leo told Tita Miemie that they were going to lunch at Grand Oriental. He then asked Tito Don if they would like to join them. Tito Don said he was going to the household. After he’d already walked away with Matt, Tito Leo sent me to ask Matt if he’d be able to join them. Matt said he was going home. Kuya Vin thought for a minute that we’d be having lunch with Tito Ed & co. but it turns out they had to get back to Louisville for their HH. So then Kuya Vin said I could come home with them and have lunch and then go to Tita Cynthia’s house, but then (and I forget how this transition happened) something came up about me going with the San Miguels to Tita Cynthia’s. Then, Tita Tez’m said perhaps Jon would like to have lunch at Grand Oriental with the guys. Eventually, Kuya Vin decided we’d all go to Grand Oriental.

And that is what happened. :D But before I move on, here are some pics that were taken while all this was still being debated.

I rode with the San Miguels to Grand Oriental. (Thus, nothing happened exactly as I’d told my parents it would.) Lol, Tito Leo and Tita Miemie didn’t know that we were coming, but somehow we all arrived at the same time, and Jon ran to join Kuya Junix pushing Kuya Mico.

It turns out that Paolo and his parents were eating in the other… what would you call it? Area? Section? Room? W/e. He came over to say goodbye before we were half done choosing food (Dim Sum, so we were already eating, but still waiting for more food to come by).

Paolo: Bye… (various responses from all around the table) Sorry, we didn’t know everyone else was eating here, or we would’ve reserved a table… Everyone was still talking so we just came…
me: Yeah, they weren’t entirely sure if they were coming here in the first place… but that’s ok.
Tito Leo: Paolo, why don’t you stay?
Paolo: Sorry… my parents want me to run errands…



10:39 PM fortunately “depends on the weather” does not really sound cold, nor does it annoy me [usually], so… you could’ve gone with it. lol.
so what’s new?
10:40 PM and how was running errands with your new license? :P
Paolo: ha
it was nothing like that
more like “we drop you off at costco, then you get your mother’s contacts. after that, walk through the rain to target and help us buy toothpaste.”
10:41 PM me: oh muaha so you didn’t actually drive?
10:43 PM Paolo: no
me: awh.
Paolo: we went straight after lunch
then i took a three hour nap :D)

Oh, and yes, there’s Kuya Junix making faces at me again. Ah well. Anyway, minutes after Paolo left, who should walk in but Tito Don and Matt!

Tito Leo:O! I thought you were not coming?

It seems that what happened was, Tito Don decided to take Matt to Grand Oriental to be with the rest of us, and then Tita Fides and Julianna picked up Tito Don from Grand Oriental, leaving Matt with the car.

When Matt arrived, Tita Miemie left the table, which left me the only girl there.

8:51 PM me: How do you describe a lunch during which you’re the only girl at a table? Stuck with Kuya Judd and Jon and Kuya Junix dominating the conversation, Tito Mario and Tito Leo talking across the table to each other here and there, Kuya Justin sitting next to you and not saying one word during the entire meal, and Kuya Mico on your other side not saying much but laughing at everything Kuya Judd and Kuya Junix and Matt and Jon say?
8:52 PM Paolo: Fun?
me: more or less.

Oh yes, we had plenty of fun. Jon kept us well entertained. But of course, Jon is not trying to be funny. He’s just being himself :D and we love him that way. Pahaha, Kuya Judd and Kuya Junix kept us laughing with the things that Jon used to do when he was younger. I don’t think Jon was embarrassed, but you should’ve seen his face, he was grinning shamelessly.

5 men at the table needed refills, so Kuya Judd raised his hand to get the waitress’ attention.

This caused a major point of hilarity. Honestly! He must’ve raised his hand at least 5 times, and waved and she simply did not see him!

Jon: I can beep the waitress.
Kuya Judd/Kuya Junix: What??

Jon makes a very high pitched sound, something that I didn’t know humans were capable of. While everyone is exclaiming over it, he says that Ate Rissa can do it to. Kuya Judd is very surprised.

Kuya Judd: Rissa does that??
Jon: Yeah.
Kuya Junix: Heh… I thought when you said beep the waitress, you meant you were going to go, “beeep.”

ROTFLWTIME Sorry, you can’t “read” Kuya Junix’s tone there, it was just hilarious. Kuya Mico and Matt and I were cracking up. :P Ask me to try and capture it over the phone, sometime. Or better yet, I’ll try to say it exactly as he did next time I see you. At any rate… yeah. Lunch was filled with little instances like these. Here’s one table, occupied by the Tolentinos, the San Miguels minus Jon [and the three girls, but they weren’t there in the first place], and Tita Miemie:

And here is the other table, occupied by the Alcayagas minus Tita Miemie, Kuya Justin, Kuya Mico and Tito Leo, Matt, and myself:

Baby Rain was, of course, at all times the center of attention, at one table, if not at the other.

The original plan — that is, after the original ORIGINAL plan that was conceived even before Camp — for after lunch was that the San Miguels would take me to Tita Cynthia’s house, but Tita Fides called Matt and told him to just take me to the HH if my parents were ok with it. So I called up Mum and she said she was fine with it, and then she told me not to talk too much because it might distract him, and I heard Tita Fides laughing in the background (they were all at Tita Cynthia’s by this time).

Uhm… we ended up talking some. But, wait, lemme back up a bit — I told Matt that Mum and Dad were fine with it, and then we went through the whole, “Ok, Matt, we can leave whenever you want.” “No, Aisa, you tell me when you want to leave.” “But, Matt, you’re the one driving. You decide, I don’t care.” “No, no, you just tell me when you’re ready and we’ll go.”

Heaven help me. That took a while. :P

We did leave eventually, and I ended up making the call (oy, he really wasn’t going to do it, sheesh), so we said goodbye then and there, got my stuff from Tita Tez’m’s car, and then got in the car and…

Matt: *pulls out GPS* What’s the address, again?
me: Uhhh… I have no idea.
Matt: Ok. Hang on, Aisa. … *searching* Ok, the address isn’t here.
me: So…
Matt: Ok… ok. We’ll just wing it. Ok, Ais?
me: …

Ho hum, I can’t remember how the conversation went from there. Something about having a good picture memory, so we’d be fine, etc. … I think I managed a “Sure, Matt, whatever you say, I trust you,” sort of thing. Or maybe I was too busy laughing.

Now let me see… what did we talk about… that is, what did we talk about anytime that he wasn’t flipping stations, singing, or saying things aloud [half to himself] like, “Ok, so if I go straight I’ll end up at ____… if I turn right we’ll end up at ____… ok, got it.” We talked about Camp (obviously), the plans for KY (“So, wait, what about Louisville?” “Well, we’ll be helping them out and…”), the Brothers’ performance (“Man, we were so tight!” “Dude, you guys were freaking us out… nice rapping, by the way.” “Haha, thanks. Miguel wrote it, but he kinda needed some help…”), the YFC in general (“So what happens now?” “Well, the Brothers and Sisters will be split up for…”), Cincinnati 2000 (“Hey, are you going to Cinci 2000?” “Yeah, maybe, I heard about that… where is it, again?” “Matt. It’s at Moeller.” “Oh, right!” “Uhuh..” “Well, I didn’t want to sound stupid…” lol. “We should invite the YFC!” “Hey, yeah, I was thinking that, too! So does that mean you’re going to help me persuade everyone?” “Yeah, sure!”), Filipino dialects, the friends he’d be expecting to come to Camp and other random people…

Matt: Ok, now, what street are they on?
me: I cannot tell you.
Matt: I think it starts with an M… Marianne? *continues trying out various M names* *sees street sign* Malaer, that was it!! Aisa, have you been through driving school?
me: No… my permit expired…
Matt: Ah, ok. Well, hmm, where should I park… If I park here…

Etc., etc., nothing I could say anything about :D When I was talking to Mum later, she said that none of them realized that we might actually not know the way there. It was hilarious. Ah well, we got there safely… and Matt’s a good driver, so. Lol. We actually arrived in the middle of worship, so it wasn’t that late at all. We joined in for petitions.

Paco had planned out the kids’ activity, and I’m sorry to say that the Camp hype was still present in me, Matt, and Candisse, so we weren’t exactly paying attention at first… too absorbed in going through the pictures and watching the videos on Candisse’s camera as well as mine. Eventually, we did make an act of the will and gave our very nearly undivided attention to the coloring page that we were presented with, which was also a sort of I Spy thing, and so Matt and I perused the page, thoroughly enjoying trying to beat each other at finding each listed object. (“Wow, Aisa, you’re good at this…” *punch* “Ow! What was that for? I was complimenting you!” *rme* “Where’s the sponge…” “There.” “Oohh.. ok… wait, but how do you know it’s a sponge?” “Whaa???!” Etc.)

We rejoined the parents, and I showed them the video of the Bros, and of course they wanted to hear all about Camp…

10:34 PM me: your talk was amazing
that was the best talk i’ve ever heard you give
10:35 PM and the sticky mishearings helped :D
Paolo: haha
me: matt was explaining to tita fides
and tita cynthia
it was hilarious
Paolo: they misheard me as well?!
10:36 PM me: uhm… no. but… an explanation was necessary because matt and candisse and i were talking about it and they were there.
Paolo: ah
me: gosh paolo you’re so… wrong…
10:37 PM Paolo: I am so sorry!
10:38 PM me: it was … distracting… you distracted me from my rosary… i heard and i looked up and i was like WHA….

Bwahahahaha. Oh yes. We are not embarrassed to tell Tita Fides that Paolo called her son ‘delicious.’ (IOW, we would be embarrassed if he really had.)

Well, it’s been 3 weeks and I’m still hyper. A drained hyper. I’m drained but happy. We’ll be talking about that Camp for months to come. :D


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