Format Writing

pg. 22

Cakes are probably the most popular standard dessert. They can be made to suit any occasion, from picnics and potlucks with family and friends, to birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Besides the traditional squares, rectangles, and circles, specialists have explored the art of carving and sculpting cakes into castles, houses, handbags, shoes, and anything else they can imagine. From the basic chocolate, white, and yellow cake recipes, alterations can then be made with ingredients suck as coffee and liqueurs to produce more unique flavors. The cake can then be decorated with a variety and/or mixture of colored and flavored fondants, marzipan, and frostings such as royal icing, buttercream, whipped cream, and ganache, to name but a few. Cakes, depending on the number of layers and the tediousness of the filling and decorating process, can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to prepare. Nonetheless, regardless of how time-consuming the preparation may or may not be, so long as care is taken, a beautiful, rich cake adds a truly satisfying finish to any gathering, big or small.

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Success is defined in many different ways by many different people. All do agree, however, that success is the opposite of failure, and one cannot reach it through laziness, or the path of least resistance. Success is synonymous with terms such as achievement and triumph, although the term success is generally understood as a point that one has reached and continues in, whereas an achievement or triumph refers more to a specific endpoint of a journey, and does not necessarily imply that the achiever will continue to achieve or triumph. Success is often generalized as being associated with a wealth of some type. Some say a person is successful if they possess great material wealth; others apply the term to persons who are wealthy in love and spirituality. Success is often thought to constitute a person’s happiness, but this is not always so, depending on interpretation. For example, Britney Spears might be said to be successful because she is famous and, materially, lacks for nothing, but St. Francis of Assisi was the poorest of the poor, yet rich in love and simplicity, and was most definitely successful in finding true happiness. Success is something that I think all persons seek, to some degree or another, but, as we see, how one goes about it will really by determined by how it is first defined.

pg. 25

1) giving a talk
2) look over outline if it is provided and internalize, consider target audience, make it your own, clear notes, practice in front of people and improve accordingly

pg. 26

Giving a speech or a talk of some sort at school, a club meeting, or on other various occasions, can be a scary thing, and it always helps to prepare well. Generate a topic and an outline, or, if the topic and outline are provided, read through the outline and internalize its intended message. Consider the target audience so that you may tailor your talk or speech to the particular age group or situation with language and examples that they can understand and relate to. From there, expand on the outline with examples and stories, maybe even jokes relating to your topic or to particular points; make it your own, but also avoid going too far off topic, lest the audience lose track of what point you were emphasizing. If you can, practice giving your talk to a live audience — your siblings, parents, or maybe a few friends — and ask them for their input as to where you can improve in terms of what points might need further clarifying, or in better organizing your thoughts. Be open to their suggestions and use what you can, and finally, before you give your actual speech or talk, make sure that all your notes are written clearly, so that you need not pause in the middle of your presentation, searching for or trying to determine what you meant to say next. When well prepared for, giving a speech or talk can be an interesting, positive, and even fun experience.


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