Clearer and Clearer

Did I mention that I didn’t really make the crazy goal of finishing high school early until about 4 months ago? And then I didn’t actually decide to push through with it until last month? What on earth caused this sudden inspiration? No idea. All I know is, it’s getting clearer.

Things are happening. There’s a possibility of us traveling with Daddy for work, to Italy, Brazil, China, who knows. And I see now that getting my HS diploma this September will allow me to travel freely with my family.

God knows just what we need. Somehow, He caused something to inspire me to make goals. Those goals make things work out in my family. How can I explain what I’m feeling? Things like these that happen always remind me of the omnipresence of our Creator. I find so much proof of Him in everything, it makes me hurt for those who do not know Him, or have lost sight of Him, or try to push Him away as I know I once did.

Mum mentioned to me the other day that maybe I should be a missionary. It had occurred to me before, but when Mum said it, it really hit me. Of course! I know I have the spark within me that I could really allow to grow into a passion that could take me everywhere and anywhere for Christ. Jesus, I believe in You, and I would go to the ends of the earth, to the ends of the earth, for You alone are the Son of God, and all the world will see that you are God, that you are God. Maybe that’s meant to be my song.

:D We’ll see, we’ll see. I did write on my crazy dream paper at camp, “to bring souls to Christ.” Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I’ll sleep on it. ‘night, yo :P


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  1. Aisa, i read your comment on my site which led me to your site. i love the way you write! :) praise God for awesome blogs like yours!! i can’t wait to meet you. Hopefully me and Kuya Ray can make a trip over to Cincinnati to visit you guys!! or come to chicago for the REVIVE conference on march 15th!!!! God bless you..keep in touch!

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