Rabbit Trails

or maybe not. At any rate, here’s what I’ve spent the last hour following —

New Dictionary Highlights Nazi Words to Avoid

Cardinal Under Fire for Using Nazi Term

German TV Presenter Sacked for Praising Hitler’s Family Policies

Germany’s Neo-Housewives Spark Debate on Gender Roles

Lebensborn Children Break Silence

Is Germany Turning Women into “Breeding Machines”?

US Holocaust Museum Travels to Germany

New Year Babies Bring Joy to Germans’ Pocketbooks


One comment

  1. well, since you’re already on this trail, you may want to read (we can read it together) — Alveda King’s book which i chucked at you over on FB. Courtney has something to say about it on her blog as well. And read the Charnette Messe links i left open on the other window.

    That should give you LOTS of work. But I think you would be getting LOTS of credit for English, history, health… not to mention your upcoming consecration, and yeah, LIFE. :)

    luv ya, babe

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