Arguing over a picture!!!

How immature!!!

Haha, jk. I just had to share this. 

The picture was posted by Mariel:

What followed was just… hilarious.

Aisa wrote at 8:52pm on February 17th, 2008
wow… gabe…

Matthew wrote at 4:34pm on February 21st, 2008
Aisa, don’t make fun of Gabe… He’s obviously a gangster

Palol wrote at 4:41pm on February 21st, 2008
Matt either has a migraine or is saying “Dang, son. Gabe be a gansta’.”

Matthew wrote at 5:04pm on February 21st, 2008
Actually Paolo, I was saying “I need to cover my eyes. I can’t see because of Paolo’s brightness and radiance.”

Palol wrote at 5:08pm on February 21st, 2008
Then why were you covering the left side of your face? the positioning is all wrong, therefore, you are a liar.

Gloria wrote at 5:27pm on February 21st, 2008
omg i just read that conversation and i can NOT stop laughing wow u guys are bright ganstas!!

Matthew wrote at 6:46pm on February 21st, 2008
My dear friend, please do not make haste rationalizations. Carefully look at the picture. Now, if you observe closely, the right side (from your point of view) of your face actually is where the source of light is located. Would you agree with me? Very good. Now, path the trajectory of the light. Assuming it bounces off the left wall (from the picture’s point of view), the light would then bounce somewhere toward the ceiling. And if you look closely, there is a slight shimmering circle directly above Jojo’s head. This cannot be a mere coincidence that this unidentified radiance simply appeared out of nowhere. Therefore, the light inside you must have bounced off the wall, bounced off the ceiling, and directly shined in my face causing me to shield my eyes from the incredible intensity of your light. It’s mere elementary my dear Paolo.

Palol wrote at 6:49pm on February 21st, 2008
Blast! You have discovered my secret.

*shines light into Matt’s eyes and runs away*

Karmela wrote at 7:43pm on February 21st, 2008
Wow, I love you guys!!!

Jane wrote at 8:30pm on February 21st, 2008
lol. priceless. you guys are an interesting bunch.

Kimberly wrote at 11:25pm on February 21st, 2008
WOW… nice explanation, Matt! Haha

Esther wrote at 10:16am on February 22nd, 2008
ahaahaha matt’s explanation was pretty incredible. paolo apparently you shine :)

Roxanne wrote at 7:23pm on February 22nd, 2008
hahaha…nice explaination matt…dats hilarious!!!!

Gloria wrote at 8:22pm on February 22nd, 2008
omg you guys are that best! thats the most amazing breathing explanation i have ever heard!!!

Aisa wrote at 7:46am
heaven help me. you boys are just amazing.

Oh, yes, did I mention Paolo changed his name to Palol on facebook? Noo idea why. Don’t get confused, now.


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