Paco: Mom’s more bossy when she can’t talk.

Pahahaha. To give ya’s all some background, Mummy’s not able to talk right now, so she’s been signaling/making noises to indicate what she means, and we kids have been having a lot of fun because we find we understand Mummy perfectly [whereas Daddy needed interpreting at the dinner table last night]. Well. Most of the time, anyway.

:D So, anyway, it was one of those things that Mum couldn’t mime to me, so she had to write on my English hw “go read my blog post” so I’ve gone and read it — here it is and I also read the post she linked to and then Mummy came and saw that I was reading it, and she gave me a hug, and then I started going, “So, Mum, do I get 12 hugs a day? That’s probably why I’m so short…”


She hit me on the head with a book. HAHAHAHAHA.

I honestly did not mean to refer to her height! I honestly meant the joke to be on me… but I bet none of ya’s believe me, do you? lol.


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