throwing out stuff for the essay…

many misconceptions about love… the misconceptions which can lead to horrible consequences, and the truths that have their reward…

The characters of Orual and Psyche exemplify the extremities of Love.

childhood differences — impatient and despairing and anguished, vs. patient and grave, yet never to despair, full of doubt and no room for faith vs. faith removing all doubt

orual is so focused on her sufferings that she becomes blind to the suffering of others — psyche, though others come to comfort her, ends up being the one doing the comforting, always giving of herself to those who mean to be the ones giving to her

orual continues in her life with selfish pride, psyche had totally unselfish faith, and orual was jealous… she begrudged psyche the courage and comfort that psyche found in faith, and rebuked her for it… psyche rebukes gently, not forcefully, orual’s lack of faith… not with the intention, not determined to change orual’s mind, but simply opening up to her the possibilities of the goodness of faith… does not resort to coercion.

orual destroys those whom she professes to love, whereas psyche is destroyed because of what she did *for* those she loved… she gave into orual, not because she doubted, but because she loved…

Finally, we see the contrast between sacred and profane love.



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