Several things..


2) Yes, yes, I know. AISA!!! WHY did you put a link to a TOTAL TIME-WASTER?!!??! I dunno. Cuz it’s fun, I suppose…

3) Yesterday was the Solemnity of Mary, and I am going to re-start blogging about the homilies. That was a horrible choice to lose that habit.

Father McCarty talked about how the Solemnity of Mary is not really about Mary at all. He explained how the first four councils of the Church were about who we believe Jesus Christ to be, and how the Church was dealing with the heresy of Jesus being only human, or only God, and that some of the bishops of the early Church were not sure about giving Mary the title “Mother of God.” He explained how the feast of the Solemnity of Mary tells us who Jesus is, that the Church determined and continues to teach that He is both truly God and truly Man, and that also, because of this truth, Mary is rightfully honored with the title “Mother of God.”

He spoke of what that meant to us in our everyday lives, how Mary was one person, but through her ‘Yes’ to God, she made a difference in our lives, she played an important role in Salvation History, and so we are called to be like her, because through our ‘Yes’ to God, we also have that opportunity to make a difference. He said that we are also called to give birth to Christ; not the way Mary did, but by our proclaiming the gospel and living out our lives as sincere Christians, and therefore bringing Jesus into the world, for everyone to see.

4) My Godson[-to-be] was born on December 17, 2007. :D :D :Dimg-049.jpg



5) Which reminds me… Tita Georgette is going to have another one!! This will be the 6th… and Anthony is but 18 months old! So exciting!!!!


7) We were watching The Legend of Zorro on the way home from St. Louis, and something struck me when we got to the jail scene.

On the whole, I think Alejandro was portrayed as a fairly good Catholic in that movie.

a) I think that his conversation with Felipe about going to the party shows that he practices and takes the Sacraments seriously.

b) He is not bothered merely by his ex-wife’s supposed love for the Armand less than 3 months after the divorce, he specifically questions why she is “living in sin with an evil Count.”

c) After the death of Cortez, he goes to the Church, and even though he starts out yelling, it’s still praying, isn’t it? He demands, “What do you want from me??” and then begs for help.

This movie says a lot about the importance of family and fidelity in marriage. What struck me was that… the role of the Pinkertons (sp?) seemed to say a lot to me about the corruption of America’s views on marriage and the family, among other things. Alejandro and Elena were an example of a couple who, however difficult it may have been at that time, do not have ‘divorce’ as part of their language. Then the Pinkertons come in and blackmail Elena into the divorce. Furthermore, when ‘explaining’ their actions to Alejandro, they said something that chilled me… something about, when it came to protecting the United States of America, they could not be expected to apologize for their actions.

I just thought that it seemed to have something between the lines… like the fact that in American History, there’s definitely a lot of prejudice against Catholicism. Just having a Catholic President, for instance. To be subject to the ‘yoke of Rome’ seems to be a phrase that I think could describe the ‘fear’ and misconceptions of more than just certain denominations of Protestants.

I just thought to myself… it’s like Catholicism is the weapon the Pinkertons are trying to protect the US from, and that example of them bringing divorce, without a second thought, into a situation where I highly doubt it would have been even thought of otherwise is just such a chilling parallel, to me.

Oh, and there was also that line, “This belongs in a museum. So do you,” which led my thoughts to the following link…

8) I need to read it again. It’s the sort of thing you need to read out loud, and a couple times over, to internalize.

9) Mum shared this with me months ago, but I forgot to post it on here. It really put my mind at peace about some things.


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