Waiting for my amazing chocolate wafers to be done. Meanwhile…

I shall continue my marathon of blogging those significant events that I’ve failed to blog for over the past month.

My last post concluded with the events of this past Thursday. On Wednesday, 12/12, we had a long, very hyper (on my part, at least?), tense, last-practice-before-the-big-day at choir. Fortunately, a few things happened to make the going easier.

A) Jacob came in acting drunk. He bossed his brother around, threw his book and his water bottle down, and said in a most convincingly drunk manner, “I am not… as drunk… as I look,” complete with the whole unsteadily-pointing-at-random-people act. With his last words, he put his feet up on the chair behind him. Well, Rose gave me permission to throw things at him, but all I had on me was the cell, and I wasn’t going to throw that. Joy and Lisa decided he’d had too much medicine. Either that, or he hadn’t had any at all.

B) Dan: “… next song will be O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, has anyone heard of that one?”
Someone in the back: “Which one is that one, again?”
All of a sudden, Roseanne’s “twin” (please forgive me, I don’t know her name yet… or maybe I do, I just don’t remember it) burst out laughing the way I would. (Gosh, I love her. :D) Everyone froze momentarily before turning to stare inquisitively at her.
Jacob: Ok. That was good. I don’t know what that was about, but that was funny, whatever it was. (He wasn’t acting drunk anymore, by that point.)
Well, an explanation was demanded (isn’t “demanded” such an angry sounding word? I don’t mean it that way, you know…) and she (Roseanne’s “twin”) explained that when Dan had asked if anyone had heard of that song, Michelle (or was it Christine?) had leaned over and whispered, “Have you heard of that one?”

C) There were only maybe one or two songs that we had to go over more than once, which really helped everyone stay calm, knowing we nailed almost everything on the first try.

D) I might have been the only one who laughed… so maybe this isn’t a valid things-were-better-because-of-this sharing, but Jacob said something like, “Is anyone confident about tomorrow? Because I am totally not confident about tomorrow.” One of the tenors, I can’t remember who it was, replied, with a somewhat indignant look on his face (and I couldn’t tell if it was teasing or stressing), “That doesn’t sound good for us, if you’re not confident!!” The reason I supposed it to be all in good fun was because the look on Jacob’s face didn’t give me any reason to suppose that he was in earnest. (No, he was done acting drunk by this time. Or maybe he just wasn’t doing a very good job. *shrug*)

E) Right before we went through the Hallelujah Chorus for the last time, Mom’s phone rang. The Church echoed with, “Mommy, pick up the phone! Pick up the phone, now! Now!! Mommy, pick up the phone! Pick up the phone, now! Now!” and everyone, after realizing that it was a ringtone, burst out laughing. It was a good way to almost end the evening. Thanks to Dad for calling at that moment. Haha.


Monday, 12/10, we took soup to the Nadermans. What fun! and what a laugh; Mum took Samuel Wade Naderman, and he cried )`: but then I took him and danced him around and he was quiet. :D I do believe I have inherited Papa’s “touch.”

I reflected on it later, and I will be perfectly honest: When I first saw Samuel, all babies are cute, adorable, etc., yes, I know, but I decided he was not the cutest baby I had ever seen. Haha. N/o to the Nadermans of course, I love them to death. Anyway, as I said, I was reflecting on it afterwards, and it occurred to me that somehow… a baby looks different when you are looking down at it in your arms. Looking down at a baby that you are holding opens up to you a whole new perspective, in more ways than one. Suddenly, when that baby yawns and squirms for a few minutes, trying to find a comfortable position to lay their head, and finally settles quietly against one’s chest, suddenly they just become the sweetest thing in the world, and they do suddenly look a whole lot cuter. Haha. I do remember this sort of experience… when Matthew Zagursky was a baby, I remember I thought his head was huge, not quite in proportion with the rest of him. But then I was given the privilege of holding him, and in the new perspective I gained from doing so, I firmly decided that he had the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, even more gorgeous than Elijah Wood’s piercing blue eyes. Haha! I suppose I didn’t really think it through back then… but there. I have now.

Sunday, 12/09, we had a household at Tita Cynthia’s house. Worship was soooo much fun, we had FOUR guitars (Tito Bart, Candisse, Matt, me leading)!!!! and if there had been a piano, we would have had Tito Don playing as well. Here I Am To Worship was really the highlight of the whole thing. That thing always hits it right here. *thumps chest*

The kids were very well-behaved. We gathered in the guest bedroom and discussed Advent, read a book on Our Lady of Guadalupe, chatted, jammed, colored, had lollipops, and overall had a great time. They were so cooperative! I began our discussion by asking what color the priest was wearing, and why, and when they replied that it was the season of Advent, I asked them, “And what do we do during Advent?” Well, after the younger kids had given some very good answers, Matt raised his hand and asked childishly (oh, yes, childishly. In that deep voice of his), “We light candles?” :P That made us all crack up…

Saturday, 12/08, the feast of Mama Mary’s Immaculate Conception, we hosted the CFC Fraternal, coupled with a Ladies’ HH. We all had worship together, and then I took the girls upstairs. It was only me, Frances, Gloria, and Mariel, but what a time we had! I think we had a very good discussion. We talked about why it was important to have a good relationship with Mother Mary. I used A Philadelphia Catholic In King James’ Court, Beginning Apologetics, and one other book that I can’t remember the title of… oh, and the Bible, of course. After we’d covered all that we’d needed to, we had a nice long sister chat while the adults weren’t done yet.

For snack, we had ravioli (from St. Louis!! Hallelujah! :D) and allergy-free cupcakes, which I’d arranged on the table in a rosary. (Check out the pics, yo.) They were very nearly all gone by the end of it all! I think the only ones left were the Our Father cupcakes, which I’d left un-iced (hey yo, there wasn’t enough icing!!). I must say, I was very, very surprised that they were so well liked! Gloria even said, “Wow, these taste better than regular cupcakes. I should just eat what you guys eat!” :P

Friday, 12/07, we went bowling with homeschoolers. Bleh. I did horribly. Paolo had told me the night before to “break 200” for him. I didn’t? Haha. Well what does he expect?? Sheesh! Oh, but it was so funny — Yena beat ALL of us!!! Even Dad!! I can’t remember the scores now… my fault for not blogging this when I should have… ughh… Anyway, I’m SO happy Daddy could join us. Bowling was right after lunch, see. We’d attended the Children’s Adoration that morning.

Thursday, 12/06, the kids woke me up early (take note of that, please) because our stockings were full! We each got chocolates, candy canes, and sticker pads in the shape of our initials, and then we received two additional, more personal gifts. For me, it was a pincushion and a deck of cards. I cannot begin to describe the events following the stocking-emptying. Perhaps this will give you some idea — http://4real.thenetsmith.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=16875&KW=MIC

Wednesday, 12/05, was a horrible choir practice. Please don’t get me wrong, I always have fun, but people weren’t in the best of moods, because it was our second to last practice, and there were some harsh comments made… At least we had a laugh, because Roseanne’s “twin” finally met Roseanne, and when the two women were introduced, they went with it and pretended to actually be meeting a long-lost twin, and they embraced and said funny things that made us all laugh heartily for some time.

So ends my second attempt to catch up on blogging, and yay! I’ve caught up by another week! :D


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