My Fifth Week Where I’ve Failed To Blog SIGNIFICANT Events

I FIRMLY RESOLVE to finish this post today, even if it means giving up chatting tonight. It’s always like this; I open up all my tabs — gmail, multiply, facebook, wordpress, AIM, and YM — and then I go to my wordpress drafts and end up chatting with someone. Before you know it, my hour is up, and I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING. BLEH!

I am baking Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies at present, but I only have on baking sheet on hand, because mom is using the other one, so while I am waiting for my first sheet to come out, I will blog.

Except that the timer just beeped, so I just took them out, and they are NOT at all what I was expecting… but I’ll get to that when I’m actually bake-blogging, again.

It’s advent! That time of year!! when we bake lots and lots and LOTS of cookies!!! and as I am officially no longer a b5 blogger, all my blogging will be on HERE!! For ME!!! xD (What an example of Advent/Christmas spirit, eh?)

So far, I’ve made Traditional Rolled Sugar Cookies (although, I’ve yet to decorate them), Stained Glass, Raspberry Lemon Bars, my Totally Amazing Chocolate Chocolate Cookies (now egg-less, as well as dairy-less!!!), SS’s Walnut Cups, of course, and even more of course, of course, Rum Balls.

This year will be forever remembered as the year that I found the PERFECT Rum Ball recipe. I’m sure any avid baker has heard of the typical crushed-chocolate/vanilla-wafer recipe, but these, I tell you, are unbeatable. You make brownies first, heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth brownies, and then you take those brownies and break them up into little pieces and just soak them in rum. (Or at least, that’s what it tastes like. 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp rum to a recipe that ends up making around 45 balls, you do the math [necessary for my friends who are asking if they will get drunk {*cough* youknowwhoyouare *cough*} from eating my rum balls].) If I send you cookies this year, please do not insult me by avoiding the rum balls, most especially if you are a very close friend of mine. I absolutely insist on your critiquing them, and see if you aren’t as blown away by them as I am, I dare you. :D

Now, where to begin? (Oho, you thought that was the beginning? No, indeed, that was just an overview of what’s been going on so far today.) I’ve been so bad about blogging recently (as the title should have told you) that I’ll have to go backwards.

Yesterday, 12/16, Gaudete Sunday (Gaudete, Gaudete! Christus est natus ex Maria Virgine, Gaudete!), we had the CFC Christmas Party. (, We arrived at Grailville at around noon, and found the Dalisays, the San Miguels, and the Suchoskis setting up. Jon had his laptop, and Mariel was trying out a game that Jon had made. It was pretty cool. Not that Mariel’s failing was a laughing matter, but it was just kind of amusing that she kept on failing the game, and then Jon took over and won, of course.

Eventually, more people started arriving, things started getting louder, rowdier, etc. xD Paolo told me he hadn’t brought the drums, to which I replied that I’d forgotten to tell him and Kuya Vin that Matt was leaving early, and therefore couldn’t play for worship, anyway. He said something in tagalog under his breath. I never found out what it was, even after repeated hits…

We had lunch at 1 (half an hour late! Paolo should’ve been in charge of the schedule… bwaha [<== ‘hem, YFC Sisters’ inside joke, look out]), and that was supposed to be followed by games, but Matt had a Choir Concert that started at 3, so because he had to leave early, he, Gabe, Paolo, and Jon gave their performance which was supposed to be for the variety show, which was scheduled to take place after games, but I think I’ve already explained why it had to happen right then, and while this sentence is proving to be a very long one, why don’t I go ahead and warn you that there are going to be a lot of “supposed-to-have-happened”ss thingies in this part of my post which is about the CFC Christmas Party. *takes a breath*

Sometime before their performance, Tito Don and Julianna arrived from Julianna’s game, and the Nadermans had arrived sometime before them. Samuel was asleep, and I was at once allowed to take charge of him :D so I took him over to the quietest corner and ate next to him, while chatting with Jordan and Candisse. Eventually, he woke up, and I got to hold him for a good, oh, half hour? or so. He’s so sweet! But come, back to the boys’ performance. I would like very much to tell what it was, but… Well… suffice to say, Aunt Bethany got asthma from laughing so hard, and I haven’t been given permission to upload a video (16 seconds) of it, because it was so ’embarrassing,’ apparently… supposedly even more embarrassing than what they did at Discovery Camp. (Well… I guess it was… but… )`: I really want to upload that video!!!! *waiting/praying/hoping for permission…*)

After their performance, Matt had to leave. While he was still getting his stuff together, the Music Min. had a meeting downstairs, while the parents had their games. We got through practicing Prince of Peace, but then Mariel, Paolo, and Gabe had to leave because they were helping out with the parents’ games, and so that left me and Candisse to practice the rest of the program with Kuya Vin. When we’d finished, we went upstairs, and what did I see? My Dad and the other dads practicing the Macarena. *cough* That seriously. freaked. me. out.

Well, after the initial shock given by the scene, I decided to make the most of it and went hunting around for the camera, which I eventually found, and took full advantage of (as you see, if you’ve clicked on those links :D). It turns out, the game was that they had to pick the name of a song and the dance they had to put it to out of an envelope or something like that. Men vs. Women. The men, for their first performance, did the Macarena to Silent Night, followed by the thriller(?!??) to Santa Clause is Coming to Town. The women performed the robot dance to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, and something Paolo taught them to Jingle Bells. Gabe coached the guys, Paolo coached the girls. When asked which was the real villain, I firmly replied, “You,” to Paolo. If you’re on FB and you watch the video of the women’s second performance, you’ll hear me say, “Paolo. WHAT Did You Do?!?!” That is, in fact, the title of the video. (They won, btw, so I’m not really complaining…)

Sometime in the middle of the game, Matt said goodbye, and we wished him luck. I saw something that made me smile… Matt kissed Julianna goodbye before he left. It always makes me smile when siblings are that close. :) After the adults’ games, the little ones put on their play. Yeni was Mary, Jordan was Joseph, Aya (or was it Jojo? …) was an angel, Christine was… a reindeer? I think? and I feel like I’m missing someone… Anyway, the whole thing was Tito Herman’s idea, and the kids were sooo cute. It was slightly dragging, though… See, the audience was supposed to look out for 4 words, and when they heard one of those words, they’d sing the first few lines of a Christmas carol. So, when they heard “baby,” they were to sing What Child is This; when they heard “manger,” Away In A Manger; “angel,” Hark, the Herald Angels Sing; “Bethlehem,” O Little Town of Bethlehem. Well… let’s just say those 4 words came up pretty often… I think the “The End” was kind of abrupt. At any rate, the tone in which it was said brought a laugh. (Oh, Jordan being introduced as Joseph before the play also brought a laugh. I just grinned. He made a face at me. Haha.)

Afterwards, Tito Leo told me it was our turn, and he asked me to say something about our presentation that would tie it in with Advent/Christmas. Mum told me later that she liked what I’d said, so I’ll try to put it here. I can’t remember exactly how I worded it, but I think it was something like, “Through this presentation, we’d like to share with you a part of our life before we came here.. and still continues to be a part of our life now… and for me, I really think that it played a big part in shaping us… not just as individuals, but as a family.. I really think that it made us a tighter, closer family,” and I guess I said something to wrap that up… Oh! I think I said something like, “So I hope you find our presentation interesting.” (I couldn’t think of any other adjective? lol. What was I supposed to say?) We performed Chil Sung Il Ro Hyung. I think we did well. The floor was a little slippery, but it was hardly noticeable in the video.

Worship followed. Kuya Vin led worship, with him, Gabe, Tito Bart, and I on guitar, and Paolo on piano (for half the worship). We sang Prepare the Way, Prince of Peace (replacing I Give My All as my new favorite 2-part worship song), Shout to the Lord, Trading My Sorrows, and one more… I can’t remember the titled!! The one that goes, “Lord, I give you my heart, I give you my soul…” Oh, I think it was This Is My Desire? Maybe. Anyway, that was the third song, and Tito Don was standing next to Paolo, and when he saw the sheet, he asked if we were singing Shout to the Lord and Paolo said it was next, so Tito Don asked if he could play that one. He ended up playing Shout to the Lord and Trading My Sorrows. It was a really powerful worship. *nods* I could hear Paolo singing harmony next to me. He does that a lot. :D

After worship, we exchanged gifts. We didn’t open them like we did last year.. Heavens, there were SOOOOOOOOOOOO many kids!!! Over 40. WHAT a party!!! We had the KFC exchange gifts first, followed by the YFC, and finally, the SFC. Ate Candice and Kuya Vin handed out gifts to the YFC from Tita Edna (bless her! I miss her so much!), and I handed out the gift bags (with my amazing cookies, the kids’ awesome hot chocolate mix, and heavenly sampalok, the recipe of which Mom obtained from our wonderful Tita Emily). Tito Leo had us sing one last song, Joy to the World, “… after which we will joyfully clean up…” which Tito Don played the piano for, and I sang. As we were cleaning, Tito Don continued playing, accompanied by Kuya Vin, and Mum and Tita Tez’m sang. It was in tagalog, I think it was a Filipino Christmas carol. I think that was my second favorite song that we sang at the party, because even though I didn’t know it, it gave me such a happy feeling to see [and hear] the Pinoys that were cleaning up joining in. Tito Mavi left singing heartily.

So ended a wonderful party. If you haven’t clicked on those links, here’s a pic that I hope will sum up all the rest sufficiently —

Isn’t that a lovely sight. :D Don’t forget, there’s people downstairs, and people closer to where I was standing.
So! That was yesterday’s story. The day before , 12/15 was Mommy & Daddy’s 18th wedding anniversary, and Daddy’s birthday. *wild applause from the kids* Mummy’s white roses are in a vase on the table. :D

That morning, Daddy measured us kids and opened one of his birthday presents before he and Mum left for their date. I cleaned and packed cookies for the next day’s party, fried ham for us kids’ lunch, and attempted to blog, but obviously, that came to nothing, lol. We spent the last hours before bedtime perfecting Chil Sung Il Ro Hyung for the next day.

12/13 and 14, the St. Max choir sang at Niederman’s farm. The first night, we did splendidly on everything except for the Hallelujah Chorus, but they told us the tracks were nearly drowning us out. The second night, they had mikes set up, and we nailed the Hallelujah Chorus PERFECTLY, but we screwed up Do You Hear What I Hear!!! Blehhh. Oh well. It was a lot of fun. Kind of tiring, but fun. (I still need to upload pics, btw.) Well, the whole family came the first night, and then Michelle and Terhi came the second night, but I didn’t see them!!! I must have missed them on my way out, and I was in the car on my way towards SHS when Michelle called and asked if I’d left already. I felt HORRIBLE. :( I’d tried calling her before I left the building, but apparently she didn’t have a signal inside…

So I went to Battle of the Bands at SHS after the concert on Friday. Kuya Mico and Tito Leo were at the table, so I gave them hugs, and then I turned to the woman to give her my entrance fee. She turned to Tito Leo and asked, “Is she with you?” and he replied that I was, and she said I could go in free. Tito Leo must’ve seen something in my face, because he laughed and explained to the woman that I never let him pay for me, and got indignant when he did (ex: I insisted on paying for my drink and the Kuya Demo at the Underground, because he’d sneakily payed for my entrance fee. :P!!!! lol), and still laughing, he told me I couldn’t complain because he hadn’t payed for me this time. The woman smiled and said she was letting me in because she liked them (the De Velas).

Tito Leo escorted me inside, and led me to where Kuya Vin and Tita Doris were sitting in front of where Tito Leo had the camera set up. I sat between them. Awkward Chocolate was just finishing up their last song when I sat down. Before intermission had begun, Paolo had come over to say hi, and Tita Doris moved down one seat so that he might sit between us. Intermission proved long enough for Paolo and Kuya Vin and I to discuss certain details concerning the worship for the Christmas Party, during which Kuya Vin had asked Paolo to bring the electric drums for Matt, and as I’ve already said, I totally forgot to mention to them that he was leaving early. (I guess I was so hyped.) I took some pics ( while waiting for intermission to end. When Kuya was introduced, Kuya Vin was laughing, because I was muttering under my breath about how they were pronouncing it wrong, etc. We were lucky enough to have the original Kuya behind us. :D God Bless Kuya Mico. He was actually able to stand for some of the performance! :D :D That was a lovely thing to see.

Kuya was AWESOME!!!!!! Honestly, awesome to the point of I-Don’t-Know-How-Code-4- Won-First, seriously. Yes, yes, I know I missed their performance, but I heard them play in the summer, although everyone says they’ve improved since, but still… Kuya Vin said they weren’t good… Hahaha… No, we are NOT biased… I honestly didn’t think Kuya was all that great when I heard their stuff last year, but they’ve come a long way and I really do love their music now. Well, they’ve got next year… (and Code 4 was all seniors, and from what I heard, it was leaning towards being a sympathy vote, so maybe Kuya will get it next year? They’ll all be seniors, then… :P) Kuya performed Lullaby first, which I did record, and I sang along with the last two lines, and Paolo asked, “You’ve memorized it???” Well, of course I have!!! I love that song!! My top 3 favorite songs by Kuya — Angel, Gravity, and Lullaby.

At the end of Kuya’s performance, the audience was chanting “KUYA, KUYA” and so Paolo started yelling “ATE, ATE” and I joined him, but then he stopped, and I stopped right in the middle of an “ATE” and smacked him for deserting me, so he said it softly and said, “There.” He got elbowed. *shrug* I got nudged. Tita Doris asked what we’d been yelling and she laughed when Paolo told her.

So, yes, Kuya’s performance was totally amazing. Kuya Vin left during the intermission that followed, and Gill Green played next. Uhm… *shakes head* their music makes one’s chest hurt… so we — Tita Doris, Kuya Mico, Paolo, and I — went out. I had about 7 minutes left before Mum and Dad were to pick me up, anyway, so I spent those 7 minutes hanging with the De Velas and Paolo. Tita Doris had pointed out Mariel and Esther inside, but they hadn’t come over. (I’m not entirely sure they were in a position to get out, especially Mariel. I think she was smack dab in the middle of a full row.) When the family arrived, everyone came in (except for Dad; the car was on) and we stood around chatting for another few minutes. Yena was beating on Paolo. Migi was hug-attacking him. I didn’t realize he was still there, actually; I guess he was standing hidden by his friends, but Migi found him, apparently…

Whew. Well! That post took a lot out of my news… I shall blog again tomorrow!! :D



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