Chapters 17 – 21

1. She attributes her fears, doubts, insecurities, all her weaknesses, to the part of her that is Orual and not The Queen. She feels she knows what a queen needs to be, and it is everything that Orual is not.

2. Determination, finishing what she sets out to do, not shrinking from the task ahead of her. She had the queenship thrust upon her, and she bore it well and kept her head. One can’t say she isn’t brave. She’s got a strong will, and her resolve is firm when made. Even though she didn’t exactly do the work for the people, she certainly did a great deal of good for Glome.

3. I think she enjoys her work, to some extent, but I don’t see that she is motivated by any great love for or from the people. “It would have puffed me up if I had not looked in their faces. There I could read their mind easily enough. Neither I nor Glome was in their thoughts. Any fight was a free show for them; and a fight of a woman with a man better still because an oddity…” Mostly, it is simply work to drown out her thoughts of Psyche. “When that thought came, my only resource was to rise, however late and cold it was, and go to my Pillar Room and find some work. I have read and written there till I could hardly see out of my eyes…” “I did and I did and I did — and what does it matter what I did? I cared for all these things only as a man cares for a hunt or a game, which fills the mind and seems of some moment while it lasts, but then the beast’s killed or the king’s mated, and now who cares?

4. I don’t really think it’s Bardia. I think she’s taken a fancy to him because he’s the only other man besides the Fox that has ever shown her blunt care, devoid of flattery that men will pay a queen, but she doesn’t seem to be… well, whiling away the time dreaming of him. She certainly isn’t lovesick. She does value Bardia for his skills and advice, but I don’t think it’s love… not that way.

5. Psyche. That’s all it is. Psyche. She knows she wronged her sister, and ruined her, and she even tried hard to find out what had happened to her, but I think it was not a sense of duty to her country that kept her from, say, going out into the world herself and really looking for Psyche, but rather that maybe she was afraid of finding what Psyche had turned out to be, because she would feel that it was by her hand.

6. Nay. It is a veil she has wrought for herself in her grief and her anger.

7. I don’t see any clear reasoning in her charge, only anger… “They gave me nothing in the world to love by Psyche and then took her from me…” yet she writes “This Daaran was… a right-minded boy. I could have loved him if I had let myself.. But I would never give my heart again to any young creature.” No, she is not justified. She ignored the signs, she brought it upon herself.

8. Oh, yes. I’ve a great deal of pity for her. I pity her for her blindness. I pity her because she is not entirely to blame. Her childhood and those who brought her up certainly had a lot to do with her feeling the need to be strong and hide her weaknesses later in life.

9. Of course. She didn’t deserve the things that happened to her. Who wouldn’t pity her? She was such a pure, loving, trusting girl.

10. Well… you’d think the Fox would be a help with all his philosophizing, but other things blinded him as well. So, it’s either the Greek philosopher, or the Greek who places every aspect of his life by a different god. I have no idea what they’d say to her.


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