Over-analyzing or something, I guess…

Silly Aisa pities N’Sync.

LOL. This train of thought was brought about by watching the vids from DC. I don’t know who God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You was written for… but I just thought… it’s kind of sad… they sing that song… and what does it mean? Nothing, really. To their fans, they’re just.. empty words. They’ll make a girl smile and think wistful thoughts, I suppose. Imagine things. It takes something like the Bros’ surprise for us Sisters that make the song mean something, and even more than that, something pure, and that is the beauty of it. Now I can smile at that song… not just because the words are sweet… but because it brings pure thoughts and pure memories. Oh, and they changed the words. LOL. That makes it their own, now.

Weird thoughts, I suppose… *shrug*


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