“Aisa is re-learning how relaxing knitting can be.”

That is my present status on facebook.

I am re-learning lots of things. Like how delicious gala apples are. You can hear the crispness of the skin when you take a bite. I’ve never liked it when sticky juice runs down my chin. :D I am re-learning the joy of simply being with my family. Mum’s right. I spend too much time in my room. It is nice when all of us are sitting in the same room, even if we are all busy with different things. It is nice to go to sleep early. I used to go online pretty late, because that’s when everyone else is usually on, but last night, I went on at about 7:30 (instead of the usual 9) and still had a good time, got done 10 minutes early, actually. I went upstairs and found the kids watching Harry Potter, so I joined them, and we ended up watching some Pride & Prejudice, too. Ah, and I was knitting my jacket. I am immensely proud of it. I am re-learning what fun it is to just sit with a child in my lap. It is even more fun when they are in a mood to be tickled and sqeeeeeeeeezed.

I had opportunity to perfect my multi-tasking skillz at the stove. Shaping and frying meatballs, while watching the sauce and waiting for it to start bubbling slightly, and meanwhile, eating some cooked meatballs and rice. I was not incredibly thrilled when called down to fry meatballs. Oh, I wasn’t annoyed, just lazy. These days, when I’m asked to cook, I always seem to forget that feeling of satisfaction I get at the end. No, not because of being thanked and appreciated, though I’m sure that has something to do with it, but there is something about cooking… My hands are busy, and so is my mind, but not quite so busy that I cannot have a conversation (though sometimes, I have to ask for the other person to repeat their last sentence), and not quite so busy that I cannot sing a song. It is one of those relaxing busies. (Most of the time. I am sure Mum has every reason to get perfectly tired of it sometimes. I only speak from experience of cooking ever now and then…) And then I get to eat what I made, and nothing beats that. xD

Ho hum. I’ll probably remember more of what I’ve been re-learning later.


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