I am quite proud of that title. I have not been able to merit such a feeling for a long time. It began when Mum woke me up to help in the garden. In all honesty, I was in a very bad mood and was not pleased. xD

SO. I went outside. Bwaha! It was very good for me. I emptied seven 28 something L bags of soil into the designated plot, which required some lifting/dragging for most of them. I played a foolish little game, but I think everyone needs a little foolishness sometimes, and I really feel that it gave me strength. Anyone who knows me fairly well will confirm (or ought to.. haha) that I care very little for other people’s opinions in general. The only people I make any effort to please are those I think very highly of — my parents and some of my closer friends — most of the time, I could care less. The reason I am explaining this is because to anyone who does not know me, my game will seem like a very… oh, self-centered, self-conscious, whatever game. Trust me, it is not one typical of my personality. (Oy, any of my friends reading this, I better get some support. LOL!) Anyway, the game was, as I was attempting to lift/drag those very heavy bags of soil (the soil inside was moist — I’m pretty sure that had a lot to do with it), I tortured myself by thinking, “Oh My Heavens. What would [insert name of tough/strong person that is a good friend, usually a guy, ex: Sean, Ken, Andy, Aaron] think/say if they saw how much trouble I was having with these?!” And then I’d screw up my face and try harder. Yes, it is a very silly game. Sean can do 100 round kicks on each leg with 20 lbs weights on each ankle and a 40 lb vest. If I tried to kick with all that on… well, for one thing, could I even stand straight?? Bwahaha. But by heaven, I really think it worked. *sigh* Then again, I don’t suppose it was right to think of my friends that way, because I know they would never do that to me, especially Sean…

Well, anyway, as I emptied each bag, I continued the game. This part was more of a remedy to my bad mood rather than to my physical weakness. Each bag that I emptied was *for* someone that I miss in PA. No, it actually makes sense, for reasons I cannot really explain, but will make sense to some people who read this, I think. I thought to myself, “I am doing this because I want to see [name] in March.” Let’s see… I did… a bag *for* Sarah, Danielle, Kristy, Aaron, Andy, Kenny, and Sean. Well, that worked, too, and by the time Mum came ’round to see how I was doing, I do believe I was considerably politer. (She just walked by and asked me how I was doing. I’m not in a bad mood anymore. xD I love my mom.)

When I’d finished smoothing out the bed as best I could with the shovel (because I simply could not find that confounded hoe), I went inside, drank 2 glasses of water as Mum told me, and went upstairs to get dressed. I have not put on my black uniform since testing, and I put on my belt for the first time. Well, the second time. Daddy put it on me when it came on Saturday. You know, the ceremonial putting-on-thingy-watchamacallit. Lol. But that was over my regular clothes. This was the first time I’d put it on over my uniform, and the first time I put it on myself. Wow. It really hit me, how much thicker and heavier it was than color belts. Hah! I had a hard time tightening it; it was so stiff!!!

I chose a CD, got the boombox, and went downstairs to work the bag for the first time in God knows how many weeks. Total of… 30 windmills (yeah, yeah, I know. “So What??” But when you haven’t done them in a while, it does pull a little…), a bridge (I CRACKED MY BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS!!!!), and other stretches… and then 50 pushups, 80 leg-raises, and 300 kicks. 25 low-section front kicks, 50 mid-section front kicks, 25 high section front kicks, and 50 mid-section round kicks on each leg. Yes, I know it was nothing compared to Paula’s workouts, but I am still very proud of myself for my first proper in-uniform workout since testing.

SO! There. I was feeling dead and I’m still feeling slightly winded, but there. Now. I’M GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER!!!! Er, after Daddy. xD


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  1. Next time you’ll have to pull either me or Daddy to work out with you a bit. We need it too, that’s for sure. Well, either that or the garden. Thanks for the help BTW. :D

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