We went to the Children’s Adoration at St. Max’s this morning with the homeschoolers. :D That was fun. It was Children’s Holy Hour. We prayed the rosary. Then we went and got bagels to make into sandwiches at home. Mmmm Rosmary Olive Oil bagels with ham. We got home, did school. And then later, I went and helped out at the 20th Century Theater. :D Yay I got to spend time with Michelle and Terhi, and I got to meet some people. And then I went to watch Nate’s test. He performed Bassai Dae. I also saw Nai Han Chi Cho Dan and Pyung Ahn Sam Dan… very interesting. Their stances aren’t always as deep as ours… and the points where they emphasize (you know, the drawn-out stuff for the art as opposed to how it would apply practically… extreme example would be nearly all of Chil Sung Il Ro Hyung) differ from where we emphasize ours… they chamber differently sometimes (I dunno if I just couldn’t see properly, but it looked like the chamber for the side kicks came from behind… as in, they weren’t bringing their knees up to their chest, but rather chambering similar to the way one would for a round-house)… and here and there the striking points are different… especially kicks; some the places where we do crescent kicks are Mu Rup Chagi for them, I noticed… actually, I don’t think I saw any crescent kicks whatsoever during that test. I get the idea they’re aiming more at like knee-level or something. But MAN, their power… !!! Just going through one-steps (and three-steps)… wOw. And, of course, with that power, they have to be able to control how far their technique goes… so that elbows and fists stop centimeters away from where they’re aiming at. I think that was what impressed me most. I get the idea our test is longer. Theirs lasted about an hour. Ours runs two to three. But them giving it their all like that, figures their sweating and breathing hard enough to have been through a BBT (in colder weather, to be fair) by the end of it. Oh, and I’m chatting with Kenny now and he’s on crutches. He tore his ACL (football, yeah; his knees were swollen when I saw him) and had surgery on Monday, so he’ll be on crutches for about another month or so… Gee, what else is new… Some dude named Nicholas who is younger than me joined the Tang Soo group on FB. Amanda and I couldn’t figure out who he was, but apparently Kenny remembered him. Haha. Can’t really think of anything else. LOL. ‘Night ya’ll.


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